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Level 8
Jun 2, 2015
Map Name: Captured Fighter's Arena.
Current Members: TheSilverHand, ...
Roles looking For: Terrainers, Trigger makers, Idea makers, Custom Ability Makers, etc..
Map Summary: So basically "Captured Fighter's Arena" is a Remake of my other map called Elven Captor Arena. Currently, the new map is going to be using a 128x128. Instead of having 9 players it will be limited to ONLY 5 players. Where they will fight waves amongst waves of enemies. I wish to make this map a lot like Orc Gladiators. But instead of it just being ORCS This map will be a Mix. Basically, the story goes like this, Alliance soldiers have caught a group of enemies. They are using them for Entertainment. Those who survive the waves of enemies will be set free. those who do not will be left in the sands of the Arena for an Eternity.
Map Features: Custom Abilities, Custom Items, Round Randomization (Which I need help making), Set name, Set color, Random Hero.
Each time the Arena will start the Generator (Which must be Protected at all costs) will move to a Random Location in the Arena. Mobs within the Arena will be sent to attack the Generator. If the generator dies then the game will end. If the generator lives at the end of a round it will move to its last location. Which has peasants whom can repair it with the cost of Gold and Lumber. Gold is gained from picking up GAAALD which is shared with the team. Lumber is earned by Killing enemies.

If you are Interested in my Project please feel free to message me on Discord!
Not open for further replies.