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Rain of X System Jass v1.0 (gui friendy)

Submitted by KitsuneTailsPrower
This bundle is marked as pending. It has not been reviewed by a staff member yet.
Title: Rain of X System jass (gui friendly)


This system allows you to create rain of fire style spells with any model and any impact effects you choose instead of just damaging the targets

I noticed some issues with the rain of x system found here:
Rain of [X] System, Version 1.1a

Namely it lags online and lacks the ability to include secondary effects in addition to damage so I created my own Rain of X system.


Any unit indexer (One is included in the map file)


To call down a single wave of a rain of x:

call RoX_Jass caster,targetx,targety,radius,fx,shardcount,startheight,fallspeed,impacttrig

unit caster: The variable udg_Rox_Jass_Caster is set to this unit when the wave hits

real target x: x coordinate of the center of the rain

real target y: y coordinate of the center of the rain

real radius: Radius of the rain

string fx: Model for the rain of x shards e.g. a farseer missile

integer shardcount: Number of shards in the wave, purely visual

real start height: Starting height of each shard

real fallspeed: Speed at which the shards fall

trigger impacttrig: trigger that is run once for each unit in the radius when the wave hits. Each instance of the trigger will have RoX_Jass_Caster set to the caster and RoX_Jass_Target set to the current unit being enumerated. e.g. You could have Rox_Jass_Caster damage Rox_Jass_Target by calling UnitDamageTarget. If you want your Rain of X spell to not affect certain units you must specify that in conditions in the trigger or if/then/else statements.

To call down x waves of a rain of x:

call RoX_Jass_Loop caster,targetx,targety,radius,fx,shardcount,startheight,fallspeed,impacttrig,count,delay

The parameters with the same names as above are the same as above

integer count: The number of waves

real delay: Delay between waves, must be greater then or equal to 0.27 or it will lag.

How to Import:

1. If you don't already have a unit indexer, install one in your map. You can copy the included Unit Indexer trigger into your map if you don't want to search for a unit indexer.

2. Copy the Shard_Dummy unit into your map

3. Copy the trigger category Rain of X System JASS into your map

4. Set the variable RoX_Jass_Dummy_ID to the ID of the shard dummy

5. Export dummy.mdx from this map and import it into yourmap.

Vexorain for dummy.mdx

Bribe for the unit indexer I used

lolrepoted for the concept, test map terrain and dummy unit object editor data

Rain of X System Jass v1.0 (Map)

  1. feber13


    Nov 23, 2017
    very good system, could do it to make toxic rain