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[General] Question about vJass-ing

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hello, I am trying to get in use a tutorial for hero AI, I use NewGen, and what I change in it is the IDs of spells. There is a line,for example

set LearnsetInfo[9]['Hsjs'] = 'A009:AHtb'

It displays an error that the sign ":" is not recognizied, which means the ID of the spell is not recognized. I have custom spells and all their IDs are with A00X:xxxx. Why vJass do not recognize the custom spell ID and what can I do about it?
Level 14
Jun 27, 2008
Just use 'A009' instead of 'A009:AHtb'.

The raw id of a unit (or object in general) always consists of 4 characters (at least in its base 256 representation). The :AHtb means that its an object based on object 'AHtb'.
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