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Proving codeability of suggested ability

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Level 1
Oct 12, 2011
hope this is the proper section.

Hello, i just created an ability for my new hero and i was told that it might not be codeable and to ask some JASS expert, so i am here asking you for help.

Here is the ability: http://www.playdota.com/forums/468125/unstable-affliction-original

I explain what is it about: This ability is supposed to be cast on a single enemy, dealing damage over time to enemy but to caster also, trick is there, that i want both target and caster to be able to move, cast spells, use items and so on even attack! and want it to be manually stoppable. As example i give razors link cast on enemy but dealing damage, however it may be stopped (disabled) when needed.

So please can you tell me if this might be codeable, or what parts wont work for sure?

Thank you in advance!!
Not open for further replies.