Project "Warcraft 4" techtrees (feedback/input wanted)

Level 2
Jul 16, 2009
One of the early layout of my plans.

Burning Legion
En masse, mass weak units and summons, or expensive strong demon units. In a sense like the Undead.

Natural defense
Scent of Blood buff aura, warrior builders, minor healing fountains, peon hiding

(Warrior): Fel Orc Warlord – Sinister Aura by DevineArmy
Ability 1 – ???
Ability 2 – ???
Ability 3 – Fear aura (demoralises the enemy lowering their attack and attack speed)
Ultimate – ???

(Warrior) Pitlord
Ability 1 – Howl of Terror
Ability 2 – Cleave
Ability 3 – Summon 2 (nerfed down) Doom Guardians (Simular to Forces of nature)
Ultimate – Higher AoE+Damage Rain of Fire

(Cunning) Dreadlord
Ability 1 – Carrion Swarm
Ability 2 – Rain of Chaos (summons minor infernals, aoe stun)
Ability 3 – Vampiric Aura
Ultimate – Infernal [may need replacement or buff]

(Mystical): Demonlord (DemonSummoning icon by ragingspeedhorn and Werewulf)
Ability 1 – Summon felguard
Ability 2 – Fel hunter
Ability 3 – Drake or Succubus
Ultimate – Finger of pain

Hall of Cruelty [Hall Tier1]
-Savage (t1 melee+builder) (Fel Orc Grunt by Blizzard)
-Peon (gatherer)
-Summoner (t1 weak magic ranged+t2 demon building summoner)

Hold of Torment [Hall Tier2]
-Savage (t1 melee+builder) (Fel Orc Grunt by Blizzard)
-Peon (gatherer)
-Summoner (t1 weak magic ranged+t2 demon building summoner)

Citadel of Torture [Hall Tier3]
-Savage (t1 melee+builder) (Fel Orc Grunt by Blizzard)
-Peon (gatherer)
-Summoner (t1 weak magic ranged+t2 demon building summoner)

Altar of Damnation [Altar] (Chaos: Altar of Terror by General Frank)

-Crossbowman (t1.5) (Fel Orc Crossbowman by General Frank & BTN by Mr.Goblin)
-Summoner (t1 weak magic ranged+t2 builder)
-Frenzy (t3 upgrade for Savage and Pillager)
-Pillager (t2) (Fel Orc Raider by Blizzardl)
ability: trap (ground version from shackle, or maybe a ensnare variaty of the stunward)

Fountain of Blood [Food building]
Ability: Heals 1-2hp/s & Scent of Blood aura

Smelter [Lumbermill] (CruelCloister by Gottfrei)
-Upgrades for units & gathering point

Pig Farm [Food building]
Ability: Hide! (Peons take refuge in the pigfarms)

Power Crystal [Tower – ziggurat fire animation] (Power Generator by Blizzard)

Ritual Circle [Caster unit factory] (DemonicSanctuary by Gottfrei)
Inspired by QirajiLord
-Warlock (t2)
ability 1: summon minion
ability 2: banish
ability 3: transcend

-Succubus (Offensive melee caster)
Ability 1 – Lash of pain (damage increaser)
Ability 2 – Enrage
Ability 3 – Charm (WoW like unit disable)

-Voidwalker (Defensive ranged caster)
Ability 1 – Combine to Greater Voidwalker (which is ethereal)
Ability 2 – Consume shadows – heals self
Ability 3 – Torment (debuff)

Fel seeker (t2 shop) Counter caster
Ability 1: Mana Leech (passive)
Ability 2: Mana Burn (autocast)

Greater Voidwalker (Heavy defensive ranged caster)
Ability 1 – Split to normal Voidwalkers
Ability 2 – Banish enemies
Ability 3 – Eat banished

Succubus/Voidwalker/Warlock adapt/master training.

Demon Gate [Hvy unit factory] (Demon Gate by Blizzard)
-Fel Cannon (t2 Siege)
-Infernal (t2 shop Heavy melee) has low dps high hp – mountain giant like
-Fel Juggernaut (t3 omega device) Heavy slow melee with slimecannon Pulverise-equivelant)

-Slimecannon ability unlock (t3)

-Black drake (t2 light air)
-Black dragon (t3 heavy air)
Ability: Dragon's Presence (debuff)
Ability: Devour

-Devour ability unlock (t3)


Bloodelf Exiles
Natural defense
Observatory – early warning system

Ability 1 -
Ability 2 –
Ability 3 –
Ultimate –

Mage Huntress (High Elven Mage Huntress by debode and Linaze)
Ability 1 –
Ability 2 –
Ability 3 –
Ultimate –

Hero 3: Bloodmage (Might want a new Ultimate)
Ability 1 –
Ability 2 –
Ability 3 –
Ultimate –

Hero 4: Luitenant (HeroBloodElfSwordsman by Soldier
Ability 1 –
Ability 2 –
Ability 3 –
Ultimate –

Refuge [Hall Tier1] (HE Town Hall by Sinister-X)
Haven [Hall Tier2] (HE Town Hall by Sinister-X)
Sanctuary [Hall Tier3] (HE Town Hall by Sinister-X)

Arcane Vault [Shop] (High Elf Buildings Pack by Elenai)
Orb of Slow

Arcane Tree [Lumbermill] (High Elf Buildings Pack by Elenai)

Forge [Blacksmith] (High Elf Buildings Pack by Elenai)

Altar Of Quel'Dorei [Altar] (High Elf Buildings Pack by Elenai)

Dragonhawk Aviary [Air factory] (High Elf Buildings Pack by Elenai)

Farm (High Elf Farm by Blizzard)

Barracks (High Elf Barracks by Blizzard)
-Ballista (Ballista v2 by Kitabatake)

Arcane Sanctuary

Dragonhawk Aviary
-Dragonhawk Rider (TFT model)
-Heavy DragonHawk Rider (ROC Model)
-Phoenix (t3 omega device?)

Arcane Observatory
-Reveals area around it permanently.


Naga Royalists
Play style

Mystical Hero - High Warlord (Naj'entus by Misha)
Wanted to base him of the WoW raid boss.
Ability 1 - (WIP) Needle spine (Impale like spike attack aoe target and does aoe nova damage)
Ability 2 - (WIP) Tidal shield (self bubble and heal)
Ability 3 - (WIP) Impaling spine (Impale attack on single target, long stun)
Ultimate: ???

(Warrior) RoyalGuard by jigrael
Ability 1 - Crushing wave
Ability 2 - Frost Bolt
Ability 3 - Summon Sea Elementals
Ultimate: ???

(Mystical) Sea Witch by Blizzard
Abilities unchanged at this moment.

(Warrior) War Queen by jigrael
Ability 1 - Debuff aura
Ability 2 - Buff aura
Ability 3 - ???
Ultimate - ???

(Potential 5th/tavern hero) Murguldreameater by jigrael
Ability 1 - Sleep (basic ability to enable Nightmare of Sleepwalk)
Ability 2 - Nightmare (leech life from sleeping targets)
Ability 3 - Sleepwalk (temporarily control enemy unit)
Ultimate –

Temple of Tides (hall tier 1)
Monument of Waves (hall tier 2)
Wonder of Storms (hall tier 3)
Builds: Slave (builder and gatherer)

Slave Pens (SlaveHut by ike_ike)
Reaver (t1 weak melee)
Snarecaster (t1.5) with ensnare ability
Ensnare ability research (t2)

Spawning Grounds
Myrmidon (t3 hvy melee – omega device?)
Snap dragon (t2 hvy ranged)
Dragon turtle (t2 short ranged siege)

Shrine of Azshara
Siren (offensive caster)
Ability 1 - Parasite
Ability 2 - ???
Ability 3 - ???

Summoner (defensive caster)
Ability 1 - ???
Ability 2 - ???
Ability 3 - ???

Couatl (t2.5 anti caster shopflier)
Uninspired as may be, this will be a placeholder
Ability 1 - Abilish magic
Ability 2 - Magic immune

Fountains of Wealth (shop) (FountainofAyleidWater by skrab)
Item ideas needed!
Orb of Frost


Shadow Council/Xavian Corrupted
needs a lot of input on techtree and unit concepts

Natural defense
Corrupted moonwells corrupting intruders (debuff/attack)
Plagued treants disease

Hero 1: Satyr Druid (melee) (AstroSatyr by Totoro
Hero 2: Satyr Incinerator (Demon Satyr by HappyTauren – Needs hero glow)*
Hero 3: Highelf mage - Athrikus Narassin (Annurion by Hexus)
Hero 4: Haunted Grovekeeper
*Hero 5: Orc Warlock - Ilkrud Magthrull (Gul'Dan model - needs*

Altar of Desecration (Dead NIGHT ELF in altar by inico)
Corruped Moonwell
Corrupted Tree of life
Builds: Satyr Gimp (gold miner/normal builder)
Tormented Treant (wood cutter/ancient+nature builder)

Corrupted Ancient of war
-Satyr Trickster (melee)
-Satyr Shadowdancer (ranged)
-Ent 1
-Ent 2
-Sludge Monstrosity ("Omega device" Morphing heavy ranged? - Need lore backing this.)

-Sludge Monstrosity unlock.

Corrupted Ancient Protector (tower)

Storage Hall (warmill)

Pillaged Den (Shop)
Orb of Shadow

Spider Nest (tier 2 melee/ranged/aa)
-Spider Ensnarer
-Spitting Spider

Tower of Althalaxx [caster factory]
-Satyr Hellcaller (Shaman)

-Orc Warlock
Ability 1 – ???
Ability 2 – ???
Ability 3 – Summon lower felhounds

-Satyr Soulstealer
Ability 1 – ???
Ability 2 – ???
Ability 3 – ???

Sleeping Broodmother (green dragon)
-Dragon Whelp (Light air)
-Drake (Medium air)


Human Alliance
These are scheduled adjustments.

Bloodmage replaced with new Cunning hero: Shieldmaster (Gnome_HeroShieldHands by*
Ability 1: ???
Ability 2: ???
Ability 3: ???
Ultimate: ???

Removed Dragonhawk → Buff AA capabilities for flying machine? → Chaingun upgrade?
Removed Priest → Chaplain
Ability 1: ???
Ability 2: ???
Ability 3: ???

Removed Sorceress → Missionary (New skills?)
Ability 1: ???
Ability 2: ???
Ability 3: ???

Removed Arcane Sanctuary → Church (WC2 Church by Ket)


Undead Scourge
Scheduled Adjustments

Ranged cunning hero (Dreadlord replacement) will use model Deadeye by jigrael
Ability 1: ???
Ability 2: ???
Ability 3: ???
Ultimate: ???

-Townhall moonwell capability
(undead severely lack healing so this should give them a little help)


The Forsaken
Being planned

Apothecarium: NecroStronghold by TotallyAwesome/HappyTauren and
Hero 1: Fallen Baroness (mounted version) by Dan van Ohllus
Hero 2: Dark Ranger
Hero 3: Dreadlord
Hero 4: Skeleton by atlyre/Dark Knight
Masoleum: New Graveyard by MasterHaosis
Armory by PrMosquito
Forsaken Townhall by Deep Sea Kraken
Level 7
Feb 21, 2009
WoW you got a lot of work to do. Here are some suggestions :

Mage Huntress

Skill 1 : Arcane Shot
TYPE : Direct damage
Description : The huntress uses she's arcane knowlegde, and with the hunter skills creates a arrow that strikes the enemy for direct X damage.

Skill 2 : Trap of the Unseen
TYPE : Debuff
Description : The huntress places a trap on the targeted location. Then she uses arcane magic to make the trap invisible. Any unit who passes threw it will be traped for X seconds. AoE : X

Skill 3 : Persiste of Wild and Magic
TYPE : Aura
Description : Using the knowlegde of wild and magic gathered threw the years, the huntress has becomed more experieced. Reduced X % spell damage and X % attack damage done on she.

Skill 4 (Ultimate) : Arrows of Fire and Ice
TYPE : Attack bonus damage
Description : The huntress uses the magic to enchant the arrows. It shots 1 arrow infused with the power of fire that deals X direct damage and X damage over X seconds, and the power of ice slowing the target's attack and movement speed by X%

The "X" is for you to put the numbers. I could suggest more, but now i'm in a hurry. When i'll have more time i will come and suggest more.