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Idea: Night Elf race revamp

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Level 2
Feb 14, 2013
Hi guys

First, I apologize for this username. I chose it like literally 10 years ago when I created this account - though I never posted on here.

So, I was inspired by SevenBlood and other content creators and wanted to re-imagine the Night Elf race in Wc3.

Here is what I've come up with:

1. Wisp

- Sylvan Evolution : sacrifices itself by destroying a tree to become a Treant

2. Treant

- Sylvan Sacrifice : sacrifices itself to heal an Ancient.

3. Archer

- Mount : mounts a Hippogryph to become a Hippogryph Rider

4. Hippogryph Rider

3. Sentinel

- Mount : mounts a Nightsaber to become a Huntress

4. Huntress

Same abilities.

5. Priestess

  • Healing (auto) (T1)
  • Anti-Magic Shield (T2)
  • Haste (auto) (T3) : makes another friendly units attack and move faster
  • Mount : mounts a Hippogryph to become a Great Priestess (T2)

6. Great Priestess

  • Healing (auto) (T1)
  • Divine Shield (T2)
  • Starsurge (T3) : similar to Storm Bolt (with Starfall missile)
  • Unmount (T2) : separates Priestess from Hippogryph

7. Druid of the Talon (Night Elf Form)

  • Faerie Fire (auto) (T1)
  • Wrath (auto) (T2) : similar to Flame Arrow
  • Cyclone (T3)
  • Crow Form (T2)

8. Druid of the Talon (Crow Form)

  • Faerie Fire (auto) (T1)
  • Cyclone (T3)

9. Druid of the Claw (Night Elf Form)

  • Roar (T1)
  • Berzeker (T2)
  • Regenerate : self-heals (T3)
  • Bear Form (T3)

10. Druid of the Clow (Bear Form)

  • Roar (T1)
  • Berzeker (T2)

11. Druid of the Web (Night Elf Form)

  • Poison (passive) (T1)
  • Rejuvenation (T2)
  • Sleep (T3)
  • Spider Form (T2)

12. Druid of the Web (Spider Form)

  • Poison (passive) (T1)
  • Web (auto) (T2)

13. Dryad (uh I love that one)

  • Wisp : summons a Wisp (cannot build, but can Repair and cast Detonate and Sylvan Evolution) (T1)
  • Exploding Shroom : summons a mushroom that explodes after some time, stunning enemies around (similar to Stasis Trap Ward) (T2)
  • Divine Blooming : summons a flower on the ground that heals nearby units (similar to Healing Ward) (T3)

14. Watcher

  • Slow (auto) (T1)
  • Shadow Strike (T2)
  • Spirit of Vengeance : summons a powerful (killable) Spirit of Vengeance at player's deceased unit (T3)

14. Moonkin

- Elune's Blessing (passive) : becomes stronger but weaker at nighttime

15. Mountain Giant

Same abilities except he can throws rocks at air units.

16. Hippogryph

- Mount

17. Nightsaber

- Mount

18. Faerie Dragon

  • Shift (auto)
  • Wrath (auto) : similar to Flame Arrow
  • Spirit Touch (auto)

19. Chimaera

  • Devour
  • Corrosive Breath (passive)

20. Emerald Dragon

- Magic Immunity

If someone could try to make this possible, it'd be hugely appreciated :)
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Level 14
Sep 28, 2011
Starsurge is not something good for a melee map because storm bolt likes offers very low amount of counterplay, it is fine for a hero ability but not for an unit ability.
This is because if it is available as an unit ability you can just stunlock any hero, interrupt any spell cast and so on due to the fact you can make many of one unit and nobody can do anything but the now removed faerie dragon morph ability and silences(either from the dark ranger or a staff of silence).
At the minimum I suggest to make so that starsurge does not deal stun but instead inflicts a debuff that prevents movement so that opponents can dispel it so that their anticasters have an use, I also can tell you that spells on an unit ought to not deal high damage else you can alpha strike units guaranteeing kills periodically especially if the spellcaster with it can fly.(So do not make spells that immediately deal 100 damage per hit or more else you will see players just spam the caster with it, mines however are fine as are damage abilities where you lose an unit)

Another detail I noticed is that many of the spells you give your ne units are spells from other factions, avoid that because it reduces variety to use the same spells especially if you give the same spells to multiple units of the same faction ex: healing is available on two of your night elf units and on human clerics, that is way too many casters with the same spell.

Finally divine shield on a flying army unit seems bound to break any form of balance when it is also the same units that gets storm bolts, you could probably win just by spamming that unit and never making any other unit: you can storm bolt to alpha strike opponents then just use divine shield if the opponents are trying to kill your flying army then just fly your stuff above obstacle, this is an absurd combination that looks impossible to defeat by any normal means.

Divine shield is really strong and you ought to not just give it to army units, maybe just remove that ability because it already got two abilities one of them being really strong (a complete disable + damage) and it flies, flying spellcasters should not get too many strong abilities because flying is already strong(else you end up like in SC2 where the endgame plan in TvT is "more ravens")).
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