Problems Downloading Models

Level 12
Mar 30, 2013

I have just downloaded my first model from the hive 2.
And... I got problems to import it into my map because when i open the downloaded file example: Grunt.
1. I open the File Grunt.
2. I get 2 files called;
And: Grunt-1
When opening "Grunt" i get 2 files: Grunt.blp & Grunt.mdx
When opening "Grunt-1" i get also 2 files: Grunt.blp & GruntPortait.mdx

So i dont know how to import it correctly into the importer in my map.
This haven't been an problem on Hive 1 but on Hive 2.
I've tried on other models to and the same problem accurs.
Yeah, it looks like portraits are put in a different directory than the base model on Hive 2. They probably shouldn't be.

The base model and portrait model typically share the texture, so you only need to import it once. For now, to import it:
  • Import Grunt.mdx, GruntPortrait.mdx, and Grunt.blp (only once)
  • Change the path of Grunt.blp as necessary (see this tutorial for more info)
To find out the path for Grunt.blp, just click "How to import this Model" on the model page.
Level 12
Mar 30, 2013
OK. I will update this post when i come home.
Update: Here;
And ralle. Its the same thing even if i try to importing it on my main map and an another map.
Trust me, i have done this a dozens of time before so i know how to do this.

I think its an problem because you can see on the models there is an portrait.mdx DL file and the main file f.ex grunt.mdx.
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