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[Role Playing Game] Power Words

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Level 1
Jul 12, 2011
I've been waiting for blizzard to make like a wc4 or give us a warcract asset package with sc2 but its not happening so I think im gonna start a new map project with wc3. To be clear, i've never been able to finish a project i always work solo and i either get side tracked or find out i made some terrible flaw and get discouraged and move on.
Waaaay back in 2006 I was trying to make a game with wc3 called "Power Words". basically, in the game you would type keywords and it would give you a spell or 2 momentarily and once you used the spell it would leave your ability card. At the time I thought it was a blast, but some questioned the concept of having to type so much, and basically they had legitimate concerns as it would become old or burdensome after awhile.
I've been brainstorming this for years, along with other projects that were related to sc2 assets. Im coming back to power words because I have a better idea that I think users would find entertaining.

I'll try to give a simplified explanation of what is a pretty complex concept (probably). Power Words are rune words that the main character memorizes and searches for. Every word discovered is recorded into your characters spell book. Each element would have similar spells (bolts/aoe/shields/etc) and there would be different tiers of each elements spells. Also, there would be special combo-chains of rune words when spoken that create unique spells, or hybrid-elemental spells.
In game you would have a ui that features a customize macro interface where you set your favorite rune words to be "clickable", only memorized words would be "macroable". To memorize a spell, you must discover a spell scroll or book that informs the player of the word and its associated spell. So basically, guessing words or not earning words would work but only to a certain degree. Lets say a user guesses a rune word and gets a spell momentarily he could use it and it would disappear. It would not however be copied to his spellbook and therefore the user would not have the option to add the word to a macro button on his UI.
As the game progresses the user would start using similar spells from higher tiers, and learn or come up with rune word combos that unlock a bonus spell with a special effect.

Story Elements:

I want to make an RPG out of this, 4 players. The story I have in mind involves a dual world concept. The map would be split and have a mirror image of the normal world and hell. These worlds are connected by a long cave network. These worlds are geographically a mirror image approximately. Going through the cave in the normal world brings the player out the cave into what seems like a darker version of the normal world, where things seems to be placed in the same geographic location but with different inhabitants and stories going on. These players would be playing vs each other, a Dark Champion and a Light champion.

The point of the game is for one champion to destroy the other, Dark vs Light. The other remaining 2 players play as melee champions for their Dark or Light Magic Champion. There would also be mage and warrior items for the players to discover in quests and merchants. Enchanted Weapons and Armor for the melee champion, and magical items for the magic champion (main character). One important item for the Magic Champion would be a focus (book/orb/stave). This item adds a bonus to the length of time rune words stay in your ability card. The spells in this game would be straight from DnD - as I am a huge fan of Baldur's Gate and love the huge variety of spells DnD has to offer.

I'm trying to get serious about this, but by now I also was hoping for a new wc/editor and all that. Anyway, If you think this project has potential please let me know.
Level 2
May 25, 2006

Ok so finally got a new copy of wc3 and tft. Working on the terrain now.

First off, I need to find/create a resource within gameplay that will allow me to instantly create/move/control units/buildings. This way I can play the game as a GM, and interact with the players. I figured this would be easier for me working solo I could just make a map full of cool locations and then provide the npc's/story without designing an entire scripted rpg. This is more of an open world concept now. The point of the game is to discover, the more snooping around you do the more spells and items you uncover; the more fun you will have ultimately.

As I said before, the world will be sort of like a middle earth world and a dark world. Think like snes Zelda. The map will connect the two world's via a cave. There will be a main story in which the game will follow, but exploration will loosely guide you there - or directly. What will be cool about the end product is that if you as a player learn how to control as a GM then you could make up your own adventures with your friends.
I would need to talk about spells and the main character to explain how this project will produce entertaining gameplay.

Spells and The Speaker (Main Character).

When you begin, you wake up in a temple surrounded by old sages who explain to you that you are the chosen one who is awakened when the world is endangered by the Fallen One. They explain about the Ancient forgotten rune language that The Speaker learns in order to wield magic and defeat the fallen one and his army of darkness. The Sages will ask you about your interests in various groups of magic and depending on your answers you will be given a handful of firstlvl spells.

Spells are recorded to your spell book, which is a log of these rune words.
The UI will provide with empty macros where you insert the rune words and click to activate whatever spell they describe. Your items will determine how many ui buttons you have on your screen, how many spells you can have on your ability card, and how long they will stay on your ability card before disappearing.
When you click or type the rune word you gain the spell and the main character will also speak the rune word with a custom audio file.

So basically, as you find more and more words, which will be everywhere from quest rewards to, drops off monsters, looted from a dungeon - you eventually just have access to more spells than your ability card could hold. I plan to put high level spells in the game from DnD; like Chain Contigency, Spell Trigger, etc... Also Ley Stones that have a special purpose when interacting with both worlds.

Elemental Spells:
Fire, Ice, Earth, Poison spells, first lvl will feature a bolt of each element. There will also be high level spells like Blizzard AoE, or firestorm, earthquake. Also a magic bow that shoots an elemental arrow (replaces your autoattack).

Conjuration Spells:
Spells that summon creatures/items

Necromancy Spells:
Raise dead/shadow bolts/finger of death/Power Word: Die/etc...

Demonology Spells:
Gate (opens a gate allows you to attempt to capture whatever demons come out of the gate while the gate is open), Ritual for traversing to the dark world

Arcane/Abjuration Spells:
Maze, Banish, Various Shields and Magical Protections

There will also be Ley Stone Rituals:
You are given a Ritual Ley Stone, which breaks into numerous identical pieces. Some Ritual Ley Stones break into 2 pieces, where more advanced stones break into 5 or more pieces.

Ley Stones are used to create magic rituals that are placed much like a trap is placed. The first stone put down is the guide stone which creates a magic beacon in which ley stone fragments are placed. Each piece is placed within the beacon with specific facing. A spell is assigned to each stone and is fired in the direction indicated by the stone. Once all ley fragments are placed the Ritual Stone produces an arcane stone that can be accessed through your innate ability menu. When the arcane stone is activated the ritual is acted out in quick action, moving you to each ley fragment position facing the direction the stone is placed and firing the spell that the stone was assigned.

The player could place a stone ritual in a place where a large fight is expected and then once the opponent is within the magic beacon, the arcane stone could be activated causing the ritual to trigger and your opponent to receive damage from all spells used in the ritual (if properly placed). Also, there will be a place where a ritual stone can be enchanted so that it creates an alternate shadow stone which fires off the ritual in the dark world in the same location as the light world.

Ill post back later with specifics of the story.
Level 2
May 25, 2006
Key Characters:

The Speaker: Main character, you - the player. When you awake you are met by sages who inform you that you are the speaker. All magic and spells are available to you but you must learn their rune words to obtain control of the magic. You awake when the armies of darkness creep into the middle plane. The sages do not give you direction but offer suggestions on how you can find your own path.

Sage of Elements: Upon awakening this sage suggests that you take a walk through nature and naturally be guided to your path. He is the oldest and wisest sage.

Sage of Lore: Upon awakening this sage suggests that you follow the road to The Black Night Inn, a tavern and keep mid passage to Kingsport. He is more sociable and casual than the other sages. The most generous and friendly sage.

Sage of Power: Upon awakening this sage suggests that you train in the Temple of Light's Hall of Ages. This area teaches the main player fundamental magic for adventuring and survival. He is the most neutral of all Sages, it is hard to fully trust him. You suspect he has let his power consume him.

X'ian: An orcish wizard you find in the swamps if you follow the path of the Sage of Elements. X'ian travels dimensions hunting down an apprentice who has betrayed him. X'ian is an extremely powerful warlock and necromancer. Unlike other necromantic or demonic practitioners, X'ian is very good aligned and has a healthy mental being. If you aid him in quest he can teach your hero how to use dark magic for the sake of Good.

Gaelidan: Gaelidan is a high elf who damned X'ian to his orcish form. Gaelidan betrayed X'ian for the promise of more knowledge and power of the dark arts. His master is unknown. Gaelidan seems to bring total destruction and chaos to any dimension he visits.

King Balen, The Gryphon-Hearted: King of Kingsport and the province of Grondor. The King's daughter Salin'Dyl has been possessed by a squad of Demons including Lucifer himself. He asks that you search for a way to rid Salin'Dyl of possession without killing her in the process.

Warlord Drok Hit-Hammer: The chief of all Orc tribes. He is in search of a host of his people who have gone missing. He has heard rumor of a haunted mine that has rekindled with activity from an unknown orcish host. He believes this must be the missing orcs he searches for. Upon learning you are the speaker he begs for your assistance.

Arch Angel Michael: Found in the Hall of Ages he warns you of the powers of darkness and Lucifer and the possibility to fall from the light should you choose evil actions as your path. As the Creators chosen warrior, Arch Angel Michael is committed to protecting his dimensions flow of time worried that any corruption from evil could cause a multi-dimensional disaster.

Baalrog The Keeper in the Dark: Baalrog, otherwise known as Baal, Bhaal; is Lucifer's First Lieutenant and serves as the Gate Keeper to Hell. Baalrog is considered to be the most dangerous creature in the world. It is pure luck that Baal is of a somewhat Evil-Neutral alignment as he takes orders seemingly from no one and wants only to feed off the souls who attempt to trespass into Hell.

Lucifer: The Red Dragon, The Fallen Angel; The prince of Darkness. His presence intrudes into the middle realm and it is up to the Speaker to enforce the Laws of the Creator and condemn Lucifer back to his place in Hell.
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