[Altered Melee] Port Isle (Is this map worth uploading)

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Aug 14, 2015
Port Isle (Update)

Why this post?
Hey guy's, i'm not a conventional map maker, so i don't make the usual stuff most people make, the map's i make are pretty much just for fun, but i've put alot of time into them over the years so i thought i'd just show one of them off to see if you guy's think it's worth uploading here.

The Map
Port Isle is the third "Big map" i've made, map's which i've spend time constantly building on and tweaking over the years, however i say Port Isle has the most backstory than the others, it's an islands 5 player map with a large dominate player which occupies a central city and a few outposts, with the other players (on different team's) all set against them, i've always loved playing as a large empire fending off smaller threats, so most of my map's tend to be this, Ships are present on the map, and have been altered to be more relevant (i found the vanilla ships abit lacking), i've also used alot of skins and models from this site and i'll get around to properly crediting them if i decide to release my map, so i do not claim any ownership of any skins or models in this map.

The Story
Port Isle or "The kingdom of the Isles" is a self styled eighth human kingdom, having fled to the Isles a while after the fracturing of the Arathorian Empire after the troll wars, intent on creating their own kingdom, the venture was a vast undertaking, unable to settle anywhere on the mainland (having most of it taking up by the other kingdoms) they were forced to set out to sea, to find a land to call there own, the venture was founded by three powerful families, the wealthy and landowning Greystones, whose properties where thrown into chaos after the split up the human kingdoms, provided the colonists (their tenants) and partly funded the expedition along with the Wavecrest's, also wealthy, and owners of a large commercial fleet, whose business was slowing being taken over by Kul Tiras merchants, they also provided the transportation, and finally the Ironhearts, mercenaries and mine owners, provided the raw materials and soldier's needed to sustain and protect the venture, after a harrowing journey through the sea's they came upon the Isles, and immediately set about building a kingdom for themselves.

Parting Words
So that's pretty much the basics of this map, tell me what you think of it and i'll get around to uploading it if the reaction is mostly positive, also there's more story after the colonisation i could go into, but that would likely take too much space lol, just send a message if you wanna know more about the lore of the isles.

I've done some changes to my map and it's getting to a point were i think it will be ready to upload soon, i've added new space and buildings to the central city of Port Isle, and also added the Naga as a playable race, and slightly changed some other minor things like terrain layout, i've also moved Fort Greystone closer to Port Isle.


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Jan 20, 2011
Every map is worth uploading no matter how unorthodox the map may be, aslong as it is close to the completed product (This doesn't mean once you've uploaded it you stop updating it in reason of course). Every map is a passion project for the creators done for fun.

Anyway the sound of the map controlling one large empire against smaller rising colonies reminds me of the stories I use to make up when I created maps in Age of Empires 1 when I was little, so I would be keen to play it. Also the city layouts look really nice, very aesthetically pleasing, in its simplicity, as it gets the job done nicely. However a few areas could be worked on where the cities aren't inhabited

If you are nervous about uploading it officially to the site, you can always put it in the pastebin and link it here, or put it in the attachments for people to play and try out to test bugs or give ideas.

I would be keen to play the map with a few friends (As long as I don't need max players to play it, since I could get 2-3 other people together)
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Aug 14, 2015
I know what you mean, i've been focusing on tweaking stuff to account for that, playing the map with ai is not much to go on, but it's showing me enough to get that mostly sorted out.

(Thx for commenting ^-^)
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Aug 14, 2015
So.... You needed that Reef system for This right?
Yeah, but there was alot of reef's to region, it was too much work, plus i also just enlarged the map to give the Naga more room (they were too close to the Isles Empire), and added more reefs lol, so i was thinking of adding in some small quests for the other player's to give the map some flavour, deff gonna need help with the triggering for that at somepoint :/