Polska WWII Units

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Based on HerrDave's models.

Some polska panowie. Finaly with some "original" skin. And some ersatz icons for them.

Polish infantry:
- Rifleman
- Officer
- AT-rifle
- Medic
- Tank Crew
- Sapper (updated)
- Sniper
- Mortar (updated)
- Flag

Other coming soon. Maybe vehicle too.

Polish Flag (Model)

Polish Flag (Icon)

Polish Mortar (Model)

Polska Mortar (Icon)

Polska AT Rifleman (Model)

Polska AT (Icon)

Polska Crew (Model)

Polska Crew (Icon)

Polska Medic (Model)

Polska Medic (Icon)

Polska LMG (Model)

Polska LMG (Icon)

Polska Rifleman (Model)

Polska Rifleman (Icon)

Polska Officer (Model)

Polska Officer (Icon)

Polska SMG (Model)

Polska SMG (Icon)

Polska HMG (Model)

Polska HMG (Icon)

Polska Sapper (Model)

Polska Sapper (Icon)

Polska Sniper (Model)

Polska Sniper (Icon)

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