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Poll - Tavern heros

Favourite Tavern Hero

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Level 2
Jan 27, 2008
pitlord is the strongest and coolest.

alchemist has 0 votes? shame on you! he would be my second vote.
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Level 7
Mar 6, 2007
So far the poll has reached a leader.
Leading: Pitlord - 5 Votes
Following: Naga Sea Witch and Dark Ranger on 4 Votes each.
I think the reason pros dont use (vs other pros) is:
1 Silence is so PWNAGE
2 Black arrows nice to
3 while life draining you can run or anything makeing you an easy target for the other players army, this would probably be differnt if dark ranger was melee or had a defensive ability.

I use Dark Arrow and Life Drain when i go with her though normally
i luv her charm and how fast it recharges, Great for stealing things like tauren, chimeras, frost dragons, or any other high value units.
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