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Pokémon Tribes

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Level 2
May 6, 2011
Hi Everybody in the Hive

im working(actually, it's like a hobby xd) in a map called "Pokémon Tribes", in witch we are in charge of wild pokemons, organized in a simple social structure.

This "Tribes", must fight for food with wild pokemons, wild tribes and other players. The Tribes are formed by pokemons of the same "element" (based on the types of the anime, the games and the TCG)
Also, the members of the tribe will have experience, levels, and evolution, to have stronger pokemons at your side.
Finally, im working to include the berries, witch will be useful for healing your tribe members

Actually, i have a map, using some pokemon models that i found on the internet
(perhaps the author is some Alan001)

but i will need some help, maybe in the art for the icons (using original icons), terraining and some trigger help.

soon i will upload the "pre-alpha" map

if you want to be part of this project, send a reply, or if you wanna make a comment telling me if you like this idea (or if it already done :S), everything is welcome.

See ya!

(PS: Excuse my english :S)
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