Place Doodads on tables etc.

Level 30
Apr 17, 2009
Hello guys,
I saw on many terrains, some doodads (like candles etc.) placed on a table or whatever (= another doodad).

I tried it, too, found a neat table and a good candle model in the UTM and imported them into my map, placed the table and tried to put the candle on it. It didn't work; the candle went into the table, because it has to stand on the ground. I looked in the object editor for something like Doodad-Placing-Height, but there isn't something like this.

So my question is: Is it possible to change the height of doodads in the WorldEditor or do I have to edit the model and put it a bit higher?

Please help! Rep for a solving answer will be given.
Level 11
Jun 28, 2008
Use page up and page down. That moves the high of the doodad. That allows you to make parts of doodads in the ground or a doodad floating.

Of course doodad must be already placed on the map, and selected.

EDIT: Right. I forgot to tell ya to hold CTRL, just like krisserz said ^.^'