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  • Opa foi mal agora pela demora de uns meses para responder, entrava aqui mas não tava logado huahau vou olhar sim seu mapa de RE, assim busco inspiração também para preencher um dos meus mapas haha e sempre é legal ver o trampo dos Brs por aqui
    Cara me desculpa por 4 ou 5 anos de atraso pra responder sua mensagem, eu tava sem pc e tinha parado com os mapas. Aí nem entrava aqui mais quase, e n vi sua mensagem sobre seu mapa. Você terminou ele?
    They are the same songs. I have compressed them. Compression is something you do to a file to decrease the file size. The songs I posted are the same as yours, except their filesize is smaller. Right click the songs in your map and click "Replace File".

    Now select my version of the file. If all your songs are changed with mine, you should save about 24MB off your map.
    I've posted a comment on your Resident Evil map. Take a look and let me know what you think.
    How do you record the Resident evil map video?
    With hypercam, but i recommend Fraps to record your videos, you will need to crack it but it is too easy.
    I see you've uploaded another map. It'll take a few days for it to be moderated unless a reviewer does the job for me :thumbs_up:
    Hey Galles ! Can I have the Trigger you use in No More Room In Hell map ? I mean the Villager you used before you release the Version 1.1. The ANIMATION trigger.
    This phoneix is painted by Patrick McEvoy.
    Artist creditted here.

    You have been a user here for almost a year.
    I can see that you have stolen earlier, and been told not to. You have had enough warning now.

    If you steal one more time, you will be permanently banned from this site. I hope I made myself clear.
    Please do not CnP art and claim as your own, it is against THW rules. Since it is a first time offense, you won't get neg rep or an infraction, but refrain from such things in the future :)
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