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Pirates of the Sea

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Level 15
Jan 27, 2007

Latest Version 1.6

This game still in beta, it has bugs and it need more systems and things.

Pirates of the Sea is a Sea Teamwork-RPG game:


Captain: He navigate the ship and order to stop it, also organizate the gold and items, he give orders to the other pirates. Normally a captain is the more experienced player, Or at last it would be the better captain. Model: Custom Admiral Proudmoore No Sword, By Killface. Edited by General Frank No Weapon No Glow and No Hat.

Sailors: The sailors get into the Carajo and look out for enemies, land and other things. And he also repair the ship in land. Model: Kul-Tiras Sailor, By Cavman.

Gunners: They shoot and reaload the ship's cannons, they use cannonballs to shoot, there is a reload system, without gunners is imposible attack. They are the primary offensive units. Model: Hand Gunner, By Mechanical Man.

Pirates: Well, every ship need those drunken and vicious pirates, thanks to them the ship keep safe, normally they are the rebels of the ship, keep them ok or they will go away(normally they do that). Model: Custom Bandit No Weapon, By Killface. No shield by General Frank.



Fishing: Fishing! keep you hunger up at almost no cost, you need a fishing pole and everyone can fish.

Food: You need to keep your food up if you don't want to die, the food give you HP when you use 1, and remove the double when you don't have food. The food is the lumber in a Wc3 Melee map.

Merchants: Some sell items for determinated price and others buy that item for the double of the buying price, if you try to sell it to another one, you will get the half of buying price.

Change Name: You can change your name by tiping -name <NAME> , it's very cool :p.

Navigation: For this system you must use arrow keys, with the up arrow key you move, with left and right you turn to left or right and with down arrow key you stop the ship.



Pirates: Those are fiery ships, not really powerfull, but they are good at speed. They can be smashed down, if they are controled, the power is found in quantity.

Rebels: The units are melee rebel pirates but they have more life than the pirate ships, they are britanic or other factions rebels.

Britanics: Those are the bastards of the game, they are very powerfull and they have ranged units. If you kill the commander you will see a victory message.

Ghosts: There are two kinds of pirate, who are scared of them, and who will be scared of them, They are the bast force, theres only one ghost ship, but it's controled by the ghost of the seven seas, Barba Blanca, the older pirate alive, and the powerfull one. He is the richest pirate too.








Required Help:

I need leak checker(or whatever the name is)
I think i have some leaks cuz in determinated time of play people start getting lag and everyone quit(except you) i supose you get disconected due lag or something.

Some Traductions:

Timon: Ship's Wheel
Carajo: Carajo (xD)
Cabina: Bridge
Sala de Cañon: Gun Room(or cannon room)
Zona de Pesca: Fishing Zone
Taverna: Tavern


Comida de exportacion: Exportation Food
Productos: Goods
Heno: Hay
Materia Prima: Raw Material
Armas: Weapons
Armadura: Armor
Madera: Wood
Madera de calidad: Quality Wood
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Level 34
Jul 4, 2007
Maybe the ship deck is a bit too width, I don't know.

By the way, did you used doodads + platforms for the job or a skinned ground?
D+A shows no shadows off course.

Try to keep it up, anyway. ^^
Level 15
Jan 27, 2007
Oziris: Why?, id like to know why you dont like it. Remember it's the main island, and it's somewhere in the caribe.

TheDivineBoss: No it's a tileset, from Game_Slave, wooden panels.
And yes, maybe ill make some shadows.

Kaitech[SanD]: Yes, when i have a stablish version, without bugs and all the systems and things i am planing to make ill make a total English version. And btw it's spanish.
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