Ninjas v. Pirates

Level 15
Sep 3, 2006
Basically, this is a re-work of Random AoS, my other map which failed miserably.

Imagine, a world where one moment your traveling by ship with bloodthirsty pirates at sea, cannonballs and gun shots whizzing over your head. Then the next, your on land in a dark forest overloaded with stealthy ninjas, all aiming for your head.

Ninjas v. Pirates is an AOS that accompanies many different aspects from different games. Although it is an AOS, it doesn't necessarily play as one, as the terrain may not fit the traditional AOS. The terrain can best be described (I only have an outline, I haven't really done any details) as a mountain-side. As you travel south, the mountain gets higher, reaching high elevations. To the north, a shore with a pirate ship docked lies, that's the pirate base. Travel more south and you find the open beach, a place littered with skeletons and rotting bodies. Travel even deeper into the south and you reach a forest filled with trees, as you venture deeper into the forest, the darker it gets and more trees surround you.

Because the 2 areas (bases, I guess) are so different, the 2 teams get slight (maybe huge, dunno) advantages when fighting in their own soil. Things like added vision, more movement speed, more damage, faster mana regeneration, faster spell cooldowns, and even stronger spells.

The heroes won't be Ninjas or Pirates. This is kind of where the uniqueness comes into play. They're based on anything (hence Ninjas and Pirates, umbrella terms).

Currently, there are 8 heroes, each of which has skillsets that reflect their title.

En_Fuego (the Living Flame)
Devanoates (the Sith Marauder)
Chaos.Dude (the Chaos Soldier)
En-V (the Canadian Blight)
MR.ASSASSIN (the Combo-Striker)
Muad'Dib (the Kwisatz Haderach)
Kanta (the Desert Punk)
Sonic (the Hedgehog)

As always, if someone wants to detail the already outlined terrain, I'm cool with that.