[Picture] "The Awakening" She slowly rose from the darkness. She was not sure where or when she w

Level 23
Nov 17, 2008
"The Awakening"

She slowly rose from the darkness. She was not sure where or when she was. Everything around her was a blur... she tried to remember what had happened before and to her shock could not remember anything. Her memory was pitch black, she could not remember anything, not even her own name. If she ever had one...
"Are you awake?"
She turned back in a blink of an eye and saw in the middle of darkness a robed man, looking at her with compassion. She was afraid, frustrated, but he seemed to be a friend.
"Who... are you?"
"Well... let's just say I'm here to help you"
"Then could you tell me one thing..."
"Of course. What is it?"
"Who am I?"
He looked at her, thinking.
"Right now... it is up to you to decide who you are."
He turned around and began walking away. She looked around helplessly and then ran after him.
"What do you mean? Where are we going?"
"That is what I want you to tell me."
From the dark fog shapes and lights began to appear. In what felt like a breeze of cold wind, she found herself on a street full of people. Everything around her was colourless and lifeless. The people were like insects in amber - stuck suddenly in a middle of a step.
"This is... a city. A city..."
She looked at the man. He was slightly smiling.
"Why am I here? Where did I appear from?"
"This very street is the manifestation of these questions. You feel lost... stranded."
She bit her lip and looked around. It all seemed... so familiar. And this aching feeling of lonelyness and cold fear was all she could remember of this place.
"I was here. Before I got here" she said and looked at him. He was still standing, listening to her.
"I feel like... I feel like I got lost for the first time here. And everywhere I went I was alone, despite all these people being around. And... and... I was afraid. Really afraid to be all by myself"
He nodded.
"You are on the right path. Now, let us leave this... place"


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Level 23
Nov 17, 2008
Actually I took the picture, then cut out the part with main chars. Then I used the windows image viewer's Edit option to make the picture black and white. Then I cut off all the unneceserry parts from the coloured fragment and pasted it in main image.
Took much longer then expect though, because it can only edit JPEG files so I had to convert it a few times.

Oh you'll find out! I'm about to reveal it!