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Perfect World online

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I am Elfpunk
Well this graphic is bether then wows i started to play this game yesterday and i am lvl 8 elf.U can ride on pets!The are three races:Elf,Beast,Human.Every race has a abillty.Elf can grow wings and fly and fly the humans can trow sword and then jump on them and then they can fly and fly and u have flaying monsters.Beasts can transform into animals and they run really fast i think they can jump 5x as normal.U can make your own character like in sims2 u can edit every part of his body!!!and u can swim underwater and u have monsters underwater to kill!!really crazy and hear are some screens the last picture is mine i dident put all high graphic:


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Nov 11, 2007
blah, i have nothing better to do , so i'm downloading this,i hope it's gonna be worth the wait

Dr Super Good

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Jan 18, 2005
Undergrowth is what is seen in most modern video games like crysis, tes oblivion and even lego starwars. It is basically ground level foliage that makes it look like tress and neatly mowed grass does not cover the entire planet but usually pumps the requirements up to top range systems.
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