[General] PDD or DamagePackage

Not sure where this is supposed to go, so @ mods, sorry if I'm giving you additional work :p

So I'm in the process of choosing a DDS for a project and I see there are two vJASS ones: PDD and DamagePackage. If you are at all familiar with either of these resources, which one do you use and why, and would you recommend one over the other?

PS: Anyone made use of BlzSetEventDamage yet? I imagine the next DDS that gets made/is updated will have this.


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May 9, 2014
Using Flux's DamagePackage is the way to go.

In DamageModPackage, you would make a minor tweak by adding a BlzSetEventDamage call, and modify the event handler function such that after the triggers that detect damage are fired, the life-change event arithmetic will use a direct GetEventDamage call instead of a hashed, original damage.


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Sep 26, 2009
Does he? afaik Damage Engine was updated to handle 24 players. I haven't checked the code but from the version history itself I don't think it mentions new natives.
That being said, I did use Damage Engine in earlier maps but I'm trying to see if I should move to other systems.
Check the Damage Engine thread. The main resource is compatible with all versions post 1.26 and there is an updated version for strictly 1.29 somewhere towards the last few posts there. You'll have to change SetEventDamage to add the Blz prefix but that's it.