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passive ability that reduces speed (without status icon)

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Level 10
Apr 27, 2012

I just can't find a passive ability that decreases a unit's movement speed & doesn't show a little status icon in the interface.
I tried the item ability of the speed boots. By pressing Shift+Enter I set the movement speed bonus it grants to a negative value. Yet it did not work ingame.

I don't want to use triggers to modify speed because they can negate certain buffs that slow down units.

Help would be appreciated :)

[P.S. Title should probably say 'decrease' instead of 'reduce' - I'm tired :p]
Level 9
Apr 19, 2011
You can use Resistance Aura, use negative numbers to reduce speed instead of increasing it. To hide the icon, put the ability inside a spellbook, give the spellbook to the unit and then disable the spellbook for the unit's owner. A disabled ability won't show up in the interface. However, passive abilities inside a spellbook will still work, even if the spellbook itself is disabled.

Kind Regards
Level 26
Aug 18, 2009
Status icon=buff icon, putting the ability inside a spellbook does not disable that. The Slow Aura has it, too.

If you are not willing to trigger all movement speed changes, you can at least store how much you influence the unit via trigger and take a look at the current value and buffs, so you do not get into conflict with the default effects.

Also explain me the difference between decrease and reduce.
Level 12
Feb 22, 2010
Oh I always thought that ability doesn't have any buff icon, guess its only hides ability icon not buff.
Slow aura has a buff icon and adding the fact that it doesn't show and the UI makes it a good buff-placer for custom buffs...

What is the speed of the unit you tested it on? It might not be working due to the speed going below the limit set on the Gameplay Constants...

Else, I do think it will be nice to trigger all those effects either via directly modifying movespeed by triggers or via a bonus mod system
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