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A parachute!
Used in wars, so that they could safely land from aircraft.

I recommend to attach it on the chest of a unit :)
Has a death animation :) Although it can be only seen if you use it as a building/unit.

I don't really know what the logo on the parachute is, lol but it looks kinda cool :)

Requested by razor21

Update: Added a birth animation! :D (first animation I made!) (Special thanks to kellym0)

I suggest that when you want to attach this to a unit, reset its animation then, set that
unit's animation speed to 0%. Then make another trigger that would set the units
animation speed to 100% again when that unit dies. :)

Update: Fixed the death animation :D and added a Stand Alternate animation that is just a small parachute.

update: Added a portrait model, its the only other texture I see fit to it. lol, but its kinda blurry.

will be used for the map Mercenaries

Please give credits if used :D

Parachute, Chute, shoot, balloon, air, land, landing, safe, air, craft, fly, float

Parachute (Model)

Parachute (Model)

22:44, 18th Oct 2012 Kwaliti: Useful.

Do you want more animations to be added?

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