(ORPG) Pokemon Legacy and Pokemon Legacy Arena

Level 3
Aug 13, 2010
Map Name

"Pokemon Legacy"
"Pokemon Legacy Arena"

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Current Stage of Development
IIIIIIIIII Models 100%
IIIIIIIIII Triggers 0%
IIIIIIIIII Animations 0%

The idea for this map came to me one day while browsing my local Gamestop store. I saw a Pokemon poster off in the corner and was intrigued. Come to find out the number of Pokemon has almost broke the 600 mark, which is amazing. Anyway after seeing the poster I couldn't get Pokemon out of my mind. So I thought back to the days when Pokemon was basic, back when you only had to catch 150 of them. I decided to get out my old dusty GameBoy and popped in my old Pokemon Blue. Ah the memories of being a kid and thinking Pokemon was the coolest thing. However everyone has to wake up eventually.

After playing I decided WC3 really needs a ORPG based on the old Pokemon titles with some modern twists. I began by searching all over for Pokemon maps to get an idea of whats available. While some are good and unique I felt there was no real solid map. So I pulled out a pen and paper and started brainstorming ideas.

1. The ORPG will contain 160+ Pokemon for which players can catch and use to battle there way to the top.
2. Fun turn based battles that made Pokemon games what they are today.
3. Legacy Arena will be a stadium map designed for players to load into and trade or test there Pokemon in 1 vs 1 matches with there friends.
4. Unique story-line with bonus missions and a few secrets that will be sure to keep you entertained.
5. ALL the Pokemon in the map will be modeled after the real Pokemon they represent.

Animator: I have over 160 Pokemon models that need to be animated for use in the map. Nothing fancy really, just need a walk, spell, attack, death, and incapacitated animation.
Triggers: I need someone who can make a Save/Load code system, inventory system, and a turn based combat system.

Screenshots of the models will be available soon.

Beta of Pokemon Legacy Arena will be available first due to it being just a map with Pokemon. I will add vendors in the beta that will allow you to rent level 100 versions of some Pokemon to test. Arena will not be released until the ORPG is finished due to you having to level up Pokemon for use in the Arena.

If you are interested in helping out with this map leave a message below. I check the forums alot so I will likely get back with you soon. Message should contain what you are able to help with.

I will not be releasing the models to the public as the rules in the forum is I am not able to upload another persons work. I own all rights to the models since each one cost me $3 to have made.

Credits for all the models goes to "EpicJunkie" who is a fantastic modeler. He is the reason this project is alive and kicking.