Orcs in Space [OiS]

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Jul 11, 2007
Orcs in Space


A list of basic features, they'll be detailed further down in the main post.

- 12 Players: 12 players are supported.

- Space Travel: You can travel between planets.

- Income System: You get income based on buildings, and units.

- Alliance System: Unique alliance system, never seen before. Seriously, I haven't even heard about such a system. :D

- Story: Has a pretty nice, solid story.

- Planets: 2 major planets and 3 dwarf planets/moons.

- Terrain: It's above the usual terrain, the downside being that I used 35k doodads and that's only half of the map done.

- Upkeep System: I want units to have an upkeep, so you don't mass them.

- Stuffy Techtree: A big techtree, with many branches. (Will explain further down)

- Heroes: Different heroes, mercenaries, etc.

- Trading System: You will be able to trade with other empires.

- 4 races: Orcs (divided in 3 categories); Aliens (Divided in 2 races) and the Reptilian.

- Quests: Due to the nature of the game, it will have quests.

- Custom Interface: Will have a custom interface, at least for one race.


These are the playable planets.

• Aarde
= A planet based on Earth, hence the name, "Aarde" (Means Earth in Afrikaans); it has an almost geographically correct map, the only major difference being the absence of the Bering Strait, (it's a mountain range now)
= At the moment, all players start on this planet. I don't know if I should change this.

= A planet based on Venus, (Just read it backwards); initially I wanted it to be fiery and stuff, but now it's going to be some sort of junkie paradise, filled with mushrooms and crazy stuff like that.

= Based on Mars; it's a hot fiery place, full of lava rivers and a volcano at the centre.

There are 2 other planets which I'll probably re-terrain, so I won't bother giving any info 'till they're done.


Divided in 3 factions, they are the main race of the game, though not imbalanced.

The Monarchistic orcs serve a king. They prefer quality over quantity, meaning their units are really good, but that's not without a downside, the prices. It's a powerful war machine, though it may be hard to stir it early ingame.

The Capitalistic orcs have the most diverse way of getting resources. They are good for starters, they're not too powerful but not too weak, having no major advantages or disadvantages.

Communist orcs are based on massing. They've got the best spies ingame, (isn't as lame as it sounds); they have the biggest advantage in early game, when they can amass an army and strike a defenseless oponent.

The aliens are extraaardial lifeforms (not native to Aarde). They are divided in multiple species:
The Tsinumok are evil zerg-like bastards, which can evolve in 3 types of alien: Strength, Agility and Intelligence; the gameplay of the first 2 evolution forms is radically different, being a RPG-like gameplay (that's why I said "by the nature of the game quests will be included"); the intelligence alien, while still hero-centered, can build bases and train armies. The int alien is subdivided into the corruptor (mutated native life) and the "Hive" species (pure Tsinumok; these resemble the zerg alot)

The Emosewa are a protoss-like race, with lots of blue and gold. Their power is based on some sort of crystals, who can do magic stuff. They have a building limit and they use mines.

The Reptilian are basically naga, but with a twist: they can build solely on water (haven't seen this one before, meaning my map is a double-pioneer! :D) so that makes their gameplay a little... weird. I'm still thinking on how to design them and how they're supposed to reach other planet... Suggestions are welcome!

Thanks alot to General Frank, because the Orcs in Space idea would have never occurred to me (his models inspired me, check the concept art), and if it did it wouldn't have been possible without his models.

Suggestions are welcome, screenshots will come, and the map should be released in 3 months (or later; I want to release in 3 months since I'll be back for good; I'll get my internet and good comp back :D); I will post betas though!

Remember! Keep checking the MAIN POST!

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Jul 6, 2008
Wow, thats a great idea! So its gonna be kinda like Builder map in space?!
Also, I recommend you to create some kinda like ice planet too... What about icy planet with beatyful ruins of ancient civilization?! You know, like those decoration from sunken ruins, covered in ice....
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Jul 6, 2008
Oh, I haven't readed about those...
Hey, maybe you should call that moon planet on concept art pic you made Noom? Well, thats acording to your maps logic.
So what about those Reptilians? Are those have only advantage that they are all-terrain? Maybe you should also add those Draconian models of General Frank too?
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Jul 6, 2008
Well, first of all I have an idea about the reptilians. There are two types of their units (well some kinda like unit-type branches) - serpents, which are all-terrain but slow, and lizards(General frank's draconian models), which are very mobile but non all-terrain. They are mostly specialized on nano and biologic technologies, so they just use geneticall engineered creatures instead of vehicles. except spaceships, which are semi-organic. the lizard branch is good for hit-and-run tactics and has high regen speed and slowing abilities, while serpents are mostly specailized on slow but heavy and sneaky units.
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Mar 13, 2009
I don't know if you'll see my response earlier on the Hive or on dA, so I'll paste it here. :p

I like the look of that work on your project, bit too busy on the stars perhaps, but it looks nice.

Aarde is a Dutch word used in Africa due to the Dutch East India Company.
Afrikaans is in fact a language of Dutch origin.
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Oct 23, 2009
Breaking News!

Today has the brilliant Master Peon justly announced that the mysterious "Orcs in Space" has been announced.

The replies to this surprising event are various;
amongst the very famous: "Orcs? IN SPACE?! This world won't stay till' midnight, mark my word fellow humans." by Bolvar Foredragon and the: "Orcs in Space? Hope General Frank get the credits." by some mysterious peon.

The reporter which brings you these news has failed to get an interveiw with the Master Peon when the event got announced, and is sorry for the inconvenience.

Nicely done map Nichita, I largely admire that and the concept.
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Oct 15, 2008
It seems really interesting, and I love the ideas for the races, good luck with your map !

PS: The way you name the planets is cute...
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Nov 17, 2008
Yeah, listen to Tleno, his idea is la perfecto! I wanted to say it as well, but tleno posted it before me.

Anyway, in one of my projects I had an earth-like planet as well, but I called it Aterra(meaning "not earth")
This sounds good, I really don't intend to read these 3 pages, I'm a bit bored; tell me though, what's the difference between the planets? I mean you can teleport on them; except for the different terrain and maybe different monsters, what's the actual interraction between the players and the planets? What will each planet provide?
Your Sera could use a red environment; you should use abyss tiles and for rocks the outland rock spires. Avoid the lava crack tile, use Lava Cracks from the Ultimate Terrain Map instead. They look better.
Sunev should be the most good-looking planet, I imagine a small paradise in there, very magical, like a night elven landscape. Many glowing stuff, with a color of pinkish-orange.
You can also add a feature of atmosphere; let's say Sera has no atmosphere and requires oxygen kits.
Nah, you're saying it in spanish, and Im saying it in Italian. However el perfecto is also correct, but I prefer the la!

Uhm.. isn't perfecto a masculine word? That doesn't make sense.
I'd rather have it "la perfecta", or the masculine version of "la".
I might be wrong though, i don't speak italian.

Sorry for the off-topic.
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Dec 7, 2008
It looks great, a lot of races and it seems unique, but have too many systems and people will get confused. It might be an idea to have some form of tutorial system so people don't get confused, or possibly release one thing (race, system etc) at a time, so people don't get overwhelmed.