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Alien Infestation [v1.3a]

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Level 8
May 26, 2007
Alien Infestation
Version 1.3a

Other Stuff
Alien Infestation Terrains
[Video] The Hunt Mode Preview

Alien Infestation is a map being developed which is based on Who is the Alien? It was started months ago and also months ago cancelled for some unknown reason. Stumbling upon my old maps, I came across it again and began re-developing it, improving triggers, upping the version numbers, and improving the gameplay which was from before.

The map is still up for download, but only Version 1.1b is still only up for download, I'm assuming you can get Version 1.2a from www.epicwar.com, but after 1.3a is released, I highly suggest to never play those versions again, for the following reasons:

- Easier to Read Tooltips
- Improved Terrain
- Alien Spawns (When a player dies they will become a spawn of the alien host.)
- 2 New Game Modes (There was only one game mode available in versions 1.0-1.2, I'am now introducing two more game modes.)
- Space is still the same, but travel will be improved, and there will be some threats along the way.

You can read the changelog to see whats being changed for more information.​

Also, a website where you can mainly get most of the versions I create will be open soon, it will be a small community for map making, etc...

Gameplay will be slightly different from the normally average 'Who is the Alien?' game. There will be 3 different game modes with different types of gameplay.

Classic Mode
Gameplay is basically the same as any normal 'Who is the Alien?' game or 'Parasite' game. You can travel through space, goto another planet, search for the alien. Basic gameplay here.
Space Enabled: Yes
Space Station Enabled: Yes

Alien Infestation Mode
Gameplay is slightly different from any normal game, this gameplay type, a random player is still the alien, but the space station, still landed on the ground, and cannot lift off into space, is under siege by local aliens of the unknown planet the station is landed on. You must defend the station, and also keep the Fusion Reactor outside of the station area safe, if destroyed power is gone permanently and cannot come back unless a 'Fusion Engineer' is in the game to fix it. Loss of power can mean defenses are gone, and space station infantry must defend on foot. If the space station is destroyed all hope is lost. If the alien host dies before the space station does, then the players win. Alien ground spawns can be rid of if you destroy their 'Hatchery'. The hatchery will spawn eggs, which evolve into troops. The troops are then head to the space station, which is causing alot of endangerment to their planet.
Space Enabled: No
Space Station Enabled: Yes

The Hunt Mode
Players are forced on an unknown planet, one of the scientists are infected by an alien that provoked the crash of one of their ships, causing them to crash-land into the planet. All of the scientists are afraid of eachother, unknowing of who is the alien, they all abandon their friendships and defend themselves in the harsh cold landscape. Fighting eachother with the only people who trust one-another.

At the selection of this game mode, everyone can pick which job they have. The alien is forced to build as an alien, but is unknown that they are an alien until they begin to build.

Fusion Engineer

Fusion Reactor - Main Building, drop-off point for lumber.
Fusion Engine - Core Building, used to generate power for constructing buildings and training troops.
Fusion Facility - Primary Troop Production building, used to train troops, most Fusion Engineer troops are marines with Plasma guns.
Energy Wall - A wall of energy, used to block off enemies from entering your base.
Plasma Blaster - Basic base defense, used to kill oncoming aliens that attempt to attack your base.

Space Enabled: No
Space Station Enabled: No

Jobs are a new feature in the game. Each player can choose their own job, which involves a certain type of gameplay. This will make the game a bit more strategy focused.

Available Jobs
'Fusion Engineer' - A fusion engineer is able to modify or enhance fusion-powered units ingame. A fusion engineer is also desperately needed in Alien Infestation mode, if the Fusion Reactor gets destroyed by the aliens, power is completely destroyed. More information on a fusion engineer later on.

'Physician' - Physicians are able to check if a player is healthy, they are able to detect if a player is infected with alien diseases or parasites. They are also able to create bandages. Bandages have a special power when created by specialized Physicians. Certain bandages can destroy alien tissue when used by an alien player. These bandages are harder to make, but can add danger into using a bandage.

'Bio-Mechanics Engineer' - Bio Mechanics are all about the modification of the human body. They can enhance scientifically how quick, strong, and agile you are. Bio-Mechanics are not necessarily a requirement, but are definately a great benefit to your team. Especially in The Hunt mode.

More job information coming soon!

Changelog 1.3a (Subject to Change)
New Features
- New Suits - Gamma Ray Suit
- New Bomb System - The bomb system is now MUI, and improved majorly. The small bomb will also no longer use the 'nuke.mdx' model.
- Alien Infestation Mode - This gamemode, players must defend the space station from intruding aliens, they also must find the alien, which is a random player in the game.
- The Hunt Mode - Players are placed randomly in an odd planet, they cannot leave the planet, and they also must fight eachother and build special structures to help them survive in the barren planet, and defeat the unknown alien.
- Jobs - Players can get jobs, to increase strategy into gameplay, and players can make use of themselves instead of walking around doing nothing.

Bug Fixes / Balancing
- Bombs - Bombs no longer detonate in the wrong area, when two or more are triggered at the same time.

Huge Modifications
- Planets
- Planets are now re-terrained, they show detail and are not as ugly has the last terrains were. Also, one of the planets are terrained specially for Alien Infestation mode. One of the planets are also terrained for 'The Hunt' mode.
- Space Station
- The space station is completely re-terrained and re-textured, the old textures were ugly and did not resemble a space station too well. The new terrain is also alot more informative than the old terrain was.
- Space Travel
- Space Travel is completely re-designed, and is not as glitchy as it used to be. The southern planet now also replaces the landing for the Space Station also.
- Rocket Thruster speed is increased.
- Space Weather Effects added in-game.
- Space Terrain modified slightly.
- Rocket Hull is now increased.
- Rocket damage is now increased.
- Space Pirates now added into the nebulae locations, they are hidden.
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