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This is a crappy orc legionary i did, hes really green so dont yell at me but anyway, the file is big because i wanted to see what i can do with metals.

OrcLegionary (Texture)

THE_END: This armor is ridiculous, great stuff
Level 3
Sep 23, 2005
i dont really think an orc espically a legionaire would need that much armor espically armor that covers up the whole body
It's very nice, although - you just made the front armor, and one arm, one leg, and then CnP'ed it. It really should look different from back. It even looks abit weird in front too. The split on his torso.
And you should add some yellow into his face, it's too blue. Reduce blue and increase yellow.

I would really like to see you redo the whole CnP armor. :) It's alot better to see such skins. Also - it will increase my rating because you then put more effort.