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ORANGeTd v0.91

This is a 3 Player Team Survival Tower Defence.
Survive 45 waves by using 24 different towers with each having 3 upgrades.
Everyone has a builder which is able to switch to another 2 builder.
This has a certain cooldown which needs some planning in building the towers.
All towers loose mana and hp over time, therefore repairtowers and mana towers have to be built. Many towers use trigger based abilities.
The point is to develope a strategy with the given towers. Only combinated they are able to exploit their full potential.
Made an introduction for all new players. It's skipable by using arrow up key.
Gold is shared evenly among all players. A bounty is given every minute to every player. Leaver gold will also be shared.

In addition to your towers you can buy spells and boosts at the necropolis in order to defeat your enemies.

It's not like in other TD you have to "defend" your area from other players. it's more like supporting each other and fill possible leaks as long as the other one is not able to.

Orange Td, Teamplay, Survival, TD, TowerDefence

ORANGeTd v0.91 (Map)

01:26, 27th June 2009, by Linaze Orange TD is as the name implies a tower defense map for three players that requires good teamplay as the map is rather hard. Let me explain, there are three kinds of workers, but each player can only have one of...




01:26, 27th June 2009, by Linaze
Orange TD is as the name implies a tower defense map for three players that requires good teamplay as the map is rather hard. Let me explain, there are three kinds of workers, but each player can only have one of these at at a time, and they have a spell that turns them into another type of worker, but it has a rather long cooldown, so your best choice is to decide at the start which player should play as which worker. The problem is that it's almost impossible to play alone because of the long cooldown, so I suggest lowering the coodown per "missing" player. Anyways, the map's terrain is rather decent even though it's very flat and lacked some doodads in some areas that looks very empty at the moment. The map suffers a bit from imbalance and some towers are definitely better than others so working a bit on balance wouldn't hurt at all.

Approved with a 3/5 (useful) rating
Level 9
Apr 11, 2008
good filesize i will check map itself out abit later since i dont have the time atm...
"All towers need each other in order to attack" two ways to understand it:
1. you need one of each tower to start attacking
2. all towers have Advantage/Disadvantage so they would work best with one of each.
now im guessing it is number 2 but you gotta treat the players like retards and noobs...

else description is good.
Level 6
Aug 19, 2006
hey i played it and here are my points:

-the idea that you need all 3 builders is good and requires team play that works together and not in a kind where everyone stills wants the most kills
-> but it is also a problem. first time i played only with 1 buddy and we lost very fast because the towers of the third builder were missing. so you will always need 3 people.

-there could be more time between the waves or start new waves when the old one is finished or the upgrading of the towers must be faster

-the repair range of the repairbot is very low on level 1 he can only repair himself and it repairs not good enough

-maybe add a difficulty selection

-some build spots were not working (for example: the bottom left corner of the right pillar in front of the boat was somehow blocked)

i like the idea and i think this map can be very attractive for people who like team play games.
Level 9
Dec 21, 2006
but you gotta treat the players like retards and noobs...
else description is good.

sorry for that but i added those hints after playing several games on bnet and those ppl were pissing me very hard

repair bot is fixed

I gonna change the gameplay that every1 is able to build all towers. You still have to work together. It's not my favorit way but seems to be the only way to make ppl play this map.
Level 9
Dec 21, 2006
if the player slots are not used you will get their gold. so in theory it is possible to play single player. BUT a sinlge person is not able to take care of everything as fast as needed. You need a plan how to build your towers etc, because of the cooldown between the availability of your builders.
Level 24
Feb 28, 2007
Orange TD is a tower defense that required good teamplay from all three players as the difficulty level of this map is rather high.

The gameplay isn't that complicated but can be rather complex the first times you play the game as there are lots of towers that needs to be used in combination. Basically, there are forms your builder can take, support builder, attack builder and "mana-burn" builder. Switching between them has a long cooldown so if there was anything you forgot to build before switching form, you're screwed, basically. I suggest that when less than 3 players are playing, this cooldown is reduced by x number of seconds, so you can also play it solo or 2-player.

The terrain of the map wasn't that bad, even though some places could use some more doodads and the map could use some height variation to make it less plane.

The map seemed to be a bit unbalanced and by taking a look and testing a different towers, I found some to be a bit better than others. I never got to far before dying, though, so it might be more balanced late/end-game.

The map seems to be rather original, and there is this tower called Doombringer that needs to "mark" the enemies before your towers start firing at the, this definately made it harder since Doombringer tower was only buildable by one of the three builders.

The map breaks no Hive rules and has an approvable description, even though it could use some tags, screenshots (put them in hidden tags), there were no crashes and the game ran smooth.

To summarize, the gameplay is a bit complex for new players, but you get the hang of it rather quick. The terrain could use some minor improvements, but is overall approvable. Some tower's were a bit stronger than others. There were some original features in this map that made it all a bit more interesting. The map breaks no rules even though the description could be a bit improved.

3/5 (Useful) and voted for Approval.
Level 3
Jun 29, 2008
For some retarded reason this map has a 3 minute long intro that you cannot cancel. So there goes any replayability out the window, no one is bothered to play this map more than once due to the extremely long and uninteruptable intro tutorial at the start.
Level 1
Oct 11, 2009
attack speed of towers seem too slow need some buff on that as its hard to take down individual targets with single hit towers that attacks every 1-2 seconds