Ophiria's Revolution V0.01

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
This is a spawn-turn based map. Kind of like Battle for Middle Earth and War of the third Age but different theme styled. There are four teams (as of now I plan to add more) Red is the Bloodelves which first inhabited the land, Blue are Humans who invaded and made a treaty with the Blood Elves, Teal are Dwarves who have recently dug out of their caves and Purple are dark magi or Necromancers. There is a story in the Quest log, you'll just have to download, play and read it :)

I need constructive criticism!!!

Also could you please contact me if I happen to use your models and not give you credit!!! I would really like to thank you!!! I used old downloaded models and I cannot track them all down!! Thanks guys!!

spawn, necromancer, mage, magi, necromagi, bloodelves, blood, elf, elves, human, humans, dwarf, dwarves

Ophiria's Revolution V0.01 (Map)

15:42, 11th Jun 2010 ap0calypse: Rejected
I will rate your map, if your description is better!
Furthermore i think, just by looking, that this map is to small to be epic like bfme and LotR.
And why are there only 4 players?
2v2 is kinda borring. but i will have a try.

Ok it is much more worth than i thought.

Terrain: Really, you only planted several Trees there, it looks like Pacman in green.
Forces: Well can't say much about that. Really simple and borring.

Sry dude, this isn't really exciting :/
Level 4
Jan 15, 2008
First of all, thankyou VampireofBlood for actually commenting.
This map is my second map which I have released into the Hive community.

The reason for only having 4 players as of now is to perfect them before moving on.
I require suggestions and criticism to give me that... push? I am actually considering changing it from spawned units to created units, from a barracks or unit production facility.

First Released Version
This map is only a new release so please, do not expect big of it. However this does not mean it isn't fun! Please have a try and comment!! I really admire all comments and suggestions!
Level 6
Apr 12, 2009
I played this map long enough to determine that I don't think much of it as it stands now. There are a great deal of things to be improved, and the following is a review of some such things.

First off, the map size is pretty large considering how basic the map's principle elements are. I recommend cutting-down on some of the custom models just to conserve some space. This is directed primarily at the hero models. Speaking of the heroes, are three of them really necessary for each force? One per player should be enough, methinks. What you could do is make the map playable by eight players and have two players per force, so each force could have two heroes played by different players... I dunno, it's your map.

If one of the player-spots isn't being occupied, spawns for the vacant force continue, and their main building still stands too. That shouldn't happen; continual unit spawn that aren't even controlled is a useless waste... remove that.

Terrain could have been done much better. Doodads were certainly an endangered species in that map. Don't hesitate to zest-up the environment... it really would add to the game-play if the lands looked good enough to battle for. As a side-note, I liked the placement of the water. Another point about terrain: I'm not sure if it was your intention to hide all the bases, but some bases were extremely difficult to find (like the Undead), while others (like the Dwarves) were begging to be infiltrated. Try to balance that out. I also don't think that the Humans and Blood Elves should be neighboring each-other. If you really insist on having them allied as your story dictates, at least have them separated as all the other bases are.

It's a start, and this critique could continue a little further, but I think you have enough to mull-over for now. Good luck working on it further, if you indeed to plan to.