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Mar 15, 2006

Well, DSG has the older 'join date' but I can tell you that I was here earlier... I used the original Hive forum (not this one, there was a PHPBB before this site even existed lol) back in 2004 because I played Warhammer 40K TD, which Hive-creator Ralle had made. So, really, if you're looking for a real answer it's realistically probably gonna be Ralle, then me, GST_Nemisis and all of the other clan members and early HIVE users, and then probably people like DSG who were moderators at wc3sear.ch who got on board when that site merged with this one in 2007. I don't know if Rui is still around, but that was another supermod at wc3sear.ch that ended up over here for a long time.

luv 2 rehash ancient history