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Now accepting model requests!

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Feb 11, 2005
Oh, belive me, i rlly understand that. And ur making ur point quite well w/ the wrk u do. Wot i havnt seen of ur wrk is animations and realistic movments. Maybe i should find som of ur modles on here and see them. Alot of ppl use WC3's preset movments, but do great modeling for the game...
Its great n' all, but, rlly gets on my nerves...

PS:should i not request them then? i've got some character skeches of "units". My biggest need is just, game modles to make another game w/ but since so low detialed, they need to be hellishly animated...
i got a programer, 2 actually...
We just need somthing to start experimenting w/.
Its ok if u sey u cant, im just wanting to know. U've got som kewl stuff alrdy m8, luv it!
Wireframes for the win <_< >_>


gah, image not workin...


And gloryn, I do pretty good custom animations but i can't post em cuz my script is broked. My anim work is pretty good and all my models/modoodles have frames for walk, stand 1 to 4, attack 1 to 3, victory, death, and death second, stand ready, and sometimes walk fast.
Level 5
Jun 10, 2004
Can you create a Chao model. (Happily puts self in back of the line.)
-Information (Only if you don't know what a Chao is, otherwise skip this section): Chao are tiny, cute sky blue creatures with pink butterfly like wings, blue eyes, onion shaped heads (yellow at point), and a yellow ball floating slightly above the head.
1. Stand animation: Something simple yet cute.
2. Walk animation: Flapping its wings.
3. Death animation (only used for a character's projectle attacks): A simple collapse animation.
Thanks in advance! :D
Mecheon, next time you take a peep in here, could you close this thread up again? its getting difficult to handle all these requests when I can't post anything on the site. Im gonna take a break number 1, since ive been modeling 3-4 hours a day and my mind is being sapped of it's sinicism and fasciousism, and 2 im gonna find a well-respected modeler with 3dsmax that can convert my files, since my files can only be converted from .blend to .3ds. Hopefully it won't take that long to find somebody. I've already pmed cookie. I also gotta compile a list of all the requests im gonna do and/or not do. Well thanx in advance. :)
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Dec 8, 2004

Need resident evil models and skins
Zombies i got but need lickers, hunters, the tyrant, umbrella symbol and the Nemesis
Level 5
Nov 27, 2004
Okay...I have trouble making faces of goats...so...is it easy enough for you to make Diablo II's Moon clan? (The walking goat with the scythe...oh yeah, i know not a thing about animations too...)

Anyways, what kind of modelling program do you use?
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