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Nice to be back

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Level 15
Dec 18, 2007
I do apologise in advance if this is not the right kind of place to post something like this; I just felt a little nostalgic returning to THW after so many years and seeing all the changes.

Some context: I joined over 13 years ago and was fairly active (at least, I lurked a lot) on the forums for probably 3-4 years. Have some very fond memories and met some really great people, but somehow never made the effort to stay in contact. Lost a lot of passion for WC3 for a bit back in 2011 (I don't think there was any particular reason, probably just burnt out) and have not been very active since. I can't believe it's been 10 years since I was really active here.

Anyway I chanced upon WC3 in my Battle.net account today and decided to redownload it. Sparked a bit of the memories and here I am ranting. I never really made much of a splash on this site, so I doubt many people will know me (especially after so long), but I'm just happy to say I was once a part of this wonderful community.

What about you? What's your story with THW? Anyone from those year (2007~2011) have some cool stories to share?

Finally, times are tough so I hope everyone is doing alright :)
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