NextGen Sheeptag 1.2e

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Map made from scratch by The_Wand_Mirror

This is not somekind stupid sheep tag edit.


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Tennis - JASS Code for finding host.

Wrecked_darknes for testing
FeyenoordFanA for testing
NLeurofigtherNL for testing
The Game
The game is simple like in every Sheep Tag you will have a team of wolves and a team of sheep, there will be six of them on both sides.

For those not familiar with sheep tag, the sheep will use their building ability to build farms to avoid getting caught by the wolves. The sheeps being able to build these small blocking objects allows them to do all kinds of building combo's, in this version sheeps can use lumber to increase their cap (food) of building farms (Default at 50).

Points for the sheep will be obtained by rescueing their fallen comrades, in this version the sheep will have to rush to the northeast or southwest of the map to activate a circle that opens the gate to the rescueing area for 60 seconds. For rescueing a friend the player will also receive a certain amount of lumber!

Points for the wolves are obtained by killing sheep, they will also receive 50% experience and some gold. Also by destroying farms wolves will be able to receive gold and experience but only a very small amount, they cannot receive points by doing so.

The team that has the most points after 30 minutes wins.
What is the difference?
- Half-time

Probably the biggest difference with other sheep tag maps (Never seen one with something similar like this)

When the wolves have captured all sheep they will be awarded with 25 points for their entire team, team scores will be displayed and the game paused. After a short period of time the Half-time will kick in. Sheeps will be turned into wolves and the wolves will now be sheep, the game begins again!

This feature enables both teams to play as sheep, as that seemed to be an issue with players not willing to be wolves. (Wolves are pretty strong in this map btw!)

- Difficulty

The wolves have an easier time capturing the sheep, in all other sheep tag maps the sheep were rather imba and people would not like it to be wolf. In this map it's actually much more fun to be a wolf because the sheeps cannot hide, they are pinged on the minimap every 3 seconds and wolves can also attack trees so they won't get in they're way.

Wolves also have many destructive abilities and nasty ones, can buy item rewards to help them win etc.

- Quality

I guess the quality of this sheep tag is better than those others made, no offense towards all those creators but it's just that most sheep tag maps were very old and not compatible with TFT (Not that it matters). Most of the time things were done very fast and roughly although the gameplay itself was nice.
Version 1.2e

- Fixed the game ending when the timer expires.

Version 1.2d

- Map boundaries changed to 128x128.
- Changed tileset to ashenvale.
- Worked on the terrain.
- Fixed some terrain glitches.
- Trees now have 25 hitpoints instead of 150.
- Trees will now regrow after every round.
- The gate will now open for 45 seconds. (Use teamwork!)
- All four gates are now invulnerable.
- Wisps move very slow now.

Version 1.1d

- Custom trees didn't appear to work, resseted to default.
- Removed all doodads and replaced only trees and some minor debris
- Totally deleted the model not reconsidering to use it again.
- As you can see the filesize it lots smaller now.

Version 1.1c

- Edited abilities.
- Replaced trees with a custom model.
- Edited some items.
- Made the rescue point for sheep unbuildable.
- Some more pathing blockers here and there.
- Fixed some hints.

Version 1.0c

- Added pathing blockers near rocks on many places where sheep could be wihout getting caught.
- Fixed a lame place where sheep could teleport so they couldn't get caught.
- Replaced the preview image for what i think a nicer one.

Version 1.0b

- Sheep are now pinged every 3 seconds for 1 second.
- The rescue point for sheep now has four entrances.
- The doors opening time has been increased to 80 seconds.
- Trees now have 75 hitpoints instead of 150.
Any bugs (Other issues) found or anything please tell me and i will look into them and try to fix them!

NOTE - This map is open source! Simply because i don't know which security program to use and it would probably not be compatible with Windows Vista. I hope this does not turn out again to be a total mistake because of thousand other sheep tag copies and trash maps wandering around on!

If it turns out to be then i will just get some protection on it.

That's about all i have to tell about this.
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NextGen Sheeptag 1.2e (Map)

04:09, 30th Jul 2010 ap0calypse: Rejected
Level 5
May 1, 2008
It sounds awesome! Especially half-time part!

Edit: It was NOT awesome! There was so many places the sheep could hide, and the wolves couldnt get you. Also the gate is only open for 60 secs is just TOO LESS! And I also think there shud be more ways in than only one.
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Level 13
May 11, 2008
lol T-s-G... well if his map is no good try mine. it's not wolves after sheep. much more interesting if i do say so myself. still, apparently it seems to me from his description in the map deveopment forum it's gonna at least be better than other sheep tags so i'll check it out. plus it's open source so that's good news always!
Level 27
Sep 24, 2006
WARNING - Sorry for people who downloaded the old 1.1c and noticed the trees weren't working again! I've fixed it now, it has been a real long fix for everything and the model seemed to fuck up everything.

Sorry for the inconvience, please download the new fixed one if you like!