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Jul 9, 2009
With the new forum, we would know whats happening around the world. but we usually only stay in front of the computer. really. anyway this would be a way for the persons who at least watch news or look at newspapers to share to us what is happening. thanks xD
Level 22
Dec 31, 2006
The icon isn't showing. The path is wrong :D

For some reason the path has ended up like this: (Which obviously isn't right)

The correct path for the icon is currently this:, but you can't use that one forever because that's a pastebin address, meaning it will disappear soon.
Level 24
May 19, 2008
Well, the reason for this sub-forum is, that news are actually being discussed quite alot. To make it all easier, we want to collect that in one place. Some people only go to off-topic to read about stuff like that, and discuss it. But because off-topic is off-topic, there are so many different topics. Seperating them a bit will make it easier for users to find the topics which they find interesting. :)

Dr Super Good

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Jan 18, 2005
I would rather see a major cut back in spam (useless threads with no point or useless posts not contributing to the topic in question) in the off topic section. Most threads there are full of image spam and trolls.

I remember how in the old days an off topic section was for threads that did not fit in other fourms. Now it seems to be a space to waste server resources.