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Needddddd ideas!!!!!

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Ice Elves Ideas Spawning Ground. xD

Hail everyone! I'm here to ask for some ideas, i've created the Ice Elves VS Scourge map, and it uses some special game modes and events, until now it already have 4, but i'm without any idea for new ones now! I'm needing some help. :bored:

:sad: I'm having some problems with the game AI, if someone could help me in this too, i will be glad.

+rep to everyone who helps, thanks :smile:
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well, is a altered meele map
the events are prety crazy, they are:

-doom- brings Diablo to the game, he stand on the center of the map waiting for someone to kill him, wen he dies, he drop an item what lets to summon him for you
-free for all- basicaly, disables the pre-maded alliances, everyone against everyone
-ethereal- disables the colision size of every units, leting them pass through each other and any kind of obstacle
-sheepfall- well, that the most crazy!!! it makes sheep fall from the sky, and start to wander until they find a target to suicide themselfs in a big nuclear explosion damaging everyone around, the rain of sheeps lasts 10 or 5 minutes, i can't remember exactly

the best way to me for explain the events to you is asking you to download my map, i've already posted it here, any sugestions about anything would be more than welcome! =D
Level 9
Apr 6, 2008
-evil critters: pigs around the map gain the "Ka-Boom" ability, sheep around the map gain the "Possession" spell and become Neutral-Hostile

-resources madness: all Gold Mines can't be used for 5 minutes; all Trees can't be chop down for 5 minutes; all players get extra gold and wood killing creeps; all players get gold killing enemy units.

-zombie apocalypse: dying units become Neutral-Hostile zombies!

-item of doom: an item appears in the middle of the map. A timer starts. The item drains health over time (it's bad) and if the carrier dies, it's dropped. When the timer expires, the player controlling the item gains a bonus (resources? Bonus statistics?) and the item disappears.

-Hell on Earth: Satan enters the map, with a big army of demons that attack the players in waves. The players are given the possibility to ally before the event. If they ally, they fight the demons together, else they fight alone. If Satan is killed the event stops, the demons die, and players who fought solo gain a bonus.

-Titans: all players get a huge Titan, very, very slow but also very powerful. After some minutes, Titans disappear.

-Wild sappers: explosive Goblin Sappers go around the map exploding on units.
Level 7
Feb 21, 2009
"-rain of fire" apon every base starts a rain of fire that damages the buildings for X minutes
"-deep darkness" every unit's line of sight is decreased to 100 (this way you can meet with the enemy accidently)
"-who is who?" cover the names of the players and makes it free for all
"-call of chaos" from the center of the map starts summoning units that attack each players base
"-eve of the apocalipse" 5 random units are killed every X minutes (no heroes)
"-what the fuck" all food cost, gold and lumber cost are reduced to 0
"-OMG" summoning time of each building/unit is reduced to 1 second

Lowered vision at day and night
More chance to miss an attack

Armageddon: the whole map will be affected by rain of fire (3 blast only) and random 20 infernals will appear in the map. Also 10 random position of flame strike. And also (again) 5 random position will be affected by volcano. Every Armageddon only appears within 10. mins

Hero showdown: All heroes from all sides will be place in a special stadium. There they will be given with 5 greater potions and 5 greater clarity potions. I mean all heroes. And also the winning side will be given with 500 gold and lumber
Level 8
Apr 6, 2009
Ok ok ok!!! I got soem events!!!

- Bladestorm: Leaf blades strikes from the trees dealing damage to all units they hit (Locust Swarm on dummy near tree with leaf model). After some time, the Bladestorms disapears.

- Curse of Death: A random unit is marked for Death, the curse stays forever untill that unit dies. When the unit dies, it takes all units within 300 range with it.

- Kodo Storm: Alot of kodos comes from a random location and runs to a loction (units with Phoenix Fire ability in close range), when a kodo hits a enemy unit it takes damage. They stay for 20 seconds. The kodos cannot die or be clicked on.

Thats it for now, hope you like em.
Thanks to all you guys!!!! You helped a lot, +rep to all of you =D
I can't wait to put those ideas working, but now i'm having a lot of problems with the AI, and i'm afraid that my map will only be updated wen i solve the problems.
For now i'm seeking someone who could help me with the AI, but any new events idea will be more than welcome!
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Level 8
Dec 7, 2008
Forest of Fury - Every tree that is cut down revives as a hostile ent

Marauding Miners - All units are expelled from gold mines while orc peons begin mining and orc raiders guard them.

Beasts of the sea - a hydra slithers out of the sea and lays eggs all over the map. When they hatch, hostile hydras appear. Destroying the eggs premeturly allows the destroyer to have a baby hydra unit.

Porky Parade - alot of pigs begin walking from one side of the map to the other in groups of 10. Anyone caught in the parade is pushed in its path until the parade dissapears. The parade leaves items such as pork chops (Restores health) and crunchy pork rinds (Causes earthquakes).
Level 8
Apr 6, 2009
Cursed Mind: Every unit owned by players (Summons, Trained Units, Hired Units ect.) will now be controlled by another player than its owner (Users).

Every unit will fall asleep and will take minor damage, when they wake up, their movement and attack speed will be increased because of panic for a short period of time.

Vampiric Blessing: All undead units will gain hit points when attacking (Vampire Aura), but take minor damage over time. Lasts for about 30 seconds.

Blood Hunger: Units will gain 100 hit points when killing another unit.

Dead Focus:
All units hit rate will be set to 0%. Now only spells works for some time.
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