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I need ability ideas

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So I'm currently working on my last map. The map is an Altered Melee map with 4 new races and I need some help with ideas.
1. Kul Tiran : I need some skills for a water dragon , Tank/Cannoneer Team and any water ideas are good
2. Ice Monsters : I need for them some air units skills and some frost/ice skills ideas
3. Bandits : for them I need a skill for a black dragon and ideas for heros skills
4. Penguins : any ideas are good for them
Any ideas are welcome +rep
But I don't want just some basic ability. Thx
Kul Tiras:
  • Water Dragon: Rainstorm: Channels a rainstorm that reduces the accuracy of nearby enemy units.
  • Cannoneer: When near water, transforms into a rowboat, allowing them to attack from the water.

Ice Monsters:
* Ice Up: Targets an air unit, dealing damage and severely reducing its speed.
I like you rainstorm idea :) thx
Level 27
Apr 6, 2010
  • Black Dragon: Poison Cloud: Channels to create a controllable poisonous cloud that wanders the battlefield, dealing high damage to non-mechanical ground units.
  • Heroes:
** Ransom: Ensnares a target enemy unit, making it neutral. The unit's owner can attack the unit to reclaim it, giving the unit's cost (inversely proportional to the unit's current HP) to the capturing player. The bandit player can attack the unit to increase the money received when the unit is reclaimed. If the unit dies, the bandit player receives nothing. If no player attacks the unit before the effect ends, it returns to the original owner at no cost.
** "Shame If Something Happened": (Channeling) Targets an enemy Town Hall/Lumber Mill [or equivalent]. The target player automatically gives X resource to the bandit player every Y seconds while the effect is active. If the spell is interrupted, the target building takes 300 damage.
** Burn Then Pillage: Deals X damage to enemy building. Costs gold to use.

  • Ice slide: Gains increased movement speed while on ice or snow.
  • Submerged Swimming: Dives underwater to become invisible. Can move but cannot attack.
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