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Need idea for custom heroes map

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Level 5
Mar 23, 2018
Hello, I have made a map with 48 custom heroes (custom models, custom abillities, icons and everything) and i dont have good idea what map to create with them. I created some Hero Selection map with some challenges and arenas etc... But thats not fun. So does everyone have an good idea to make an map with like Hero Siege or whatever. Reply your idea.

Here is video of all custom heroes i made.
Level 14
Sep 28, 2011
Maybe use that hero rooster to make an altered melee map?
I love altered melee maps.
Or just have a melee map that have a tavern with the new heroes?
It is also possible to make one of those creep wars maps where any time you kill a creep one creep is sent to each other player(or each team if you make it team based) until there is only one hero/team left alive.(in this case make an option to restart a match immediately)
Or you could use all the uses for heroes ever at once like spellcraft did.(where you can basically pick any hero based gamemode)
Level 20
Dec 4, 2007
Doesn't the genre heavily weigh on the type of abilities (or at least the scaling)?

RPG requires more levels - mostly.
RTS/AoS not so much.

I think combining multiple genres (and without losing their essence) is still relatively untapped.
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