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[Campaign] Need 3 Item ideas (Perhaps 4) Examples and about my map included

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Hello fellow big brainers!

I'm working on a very ambitious custom campaign project and progress is going great! Lots of cool and unique systems, ideas, units, story elements, characters, heroes, ect...
But it's been a bit much lately and im afraid overpushing my creativity lately has depleted my creativity juice, so to speak. :peasant-thinking:
My entire map is like 94% done at this point (will need beta testers soon, it's singleplayer) and I just ran stuck on the finish line, being unable to come up with the final couple items my map should have.

It's a mission quite similar to Human01 of RoC, big town, invaders, boss fight at the end. My map tho, has a lot more systems, flavor, depth and that sorta stuff to it. The entire thing added up would feel like a fever dream to the unfamiliar viewer, but I really did my best in-game to slowly introduce the player to everything at their own pace.
Map has dynamic difficulty, if you play badly it gets a little easier here and there, if you play well the map shall remain on Hard and if you need a little more time, the map will give you a little more time. But this isnt an idea showcase, let's move on.

The map has VERY heavy RPG elements. RPG elements kicked into the 12th gear. Hero abilities scale with stats, items have a ton of flavor to them and even the simplest passive abilities all have formatting like theyre an RPG:
And you're gonna say I'm mad but EVERY unit is like its own unique demi-hero with an unique name, stats, RP info, traits, ect, even peasants, militia, EVERYTHING.

So with that overlong introduction out of the way, here's the items I made so far:
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Aug 10, 2018
I feel like the best ideas would be similar to the Potent Bloodstone Ring, which are impossible to come up without knowing the Heroes in your map :p

That being said, here are some random ideas:
  • Inviolable Crown: 25% evasion and 10% bonus attack damage while on full life.
  • Soulwreathed Cloak: Deals X damage per second to nearby enemy units based on the number of charges. Gains 1 charge when a nearby enemy unit is killed with a max of 20 charges. All charges are lost upon death.
  • Bloodleech Blade: Sacrifice 1% of your max hp when attacking, gaining twice as much as bonus attack damage.
  • Serpent Skin Robes: Removes all negative buffs when reduced below 25% life. 60 second cooldown.
  • Cursed Tome: You and nearby units are hexed for 5 seconds when activated. 80 second cooldown.
  • Wirt's Thumb: +1 to all stats. 1% chance to deal 5x normal damage (crit).
  • Burden Bludgeon: +6 toughness, +4 damage. Can only be equipped if it's your only item (drops if you acquire other items).
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May 9, 2021
Cloak of Vengeance: Gives permanent invisibility, increases damage by +10, and increases attack speed by 10%. Wearer is slowed by 20%, and has a decreased health regeneration. If killed, the wearer is turned into a Spirit of Vengeance (not the Warcraft type).

Demon Hunter's Blindfold: Gives True Sight, but decreases sight range.

Storm Hammer: Gives Lightning attack, increases damage by +8, and gives a 15% chance to stun a target for 2 seconds. Can be thrown to deal massive damage and stun a target.

Cyclone Glaive: Decreases movement speed of nearby enemies by 30%, and increases attack speed of wearer by 15%. Also reduces damage of ranged attacks. Can be used to summon a cyclone, but will destroy the weapon.
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