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necromancer of talone

This is a Necromancer Of The Talon
If used, give credit to TheReaper

CnC are welcome

necromancer, druid, talon, undead, scourge

necromancer of talone (Texture)

THE_END: This is one of the best DoT skins I have seen




THE_END: This is one of the best DoT skins I have seen
Level 15
Jul 19, 2004
No it's not stupid, if he does another malf skin and it also has the original name then we wont be able to dl this one we will only get the new skin, try to dl any of hueters arthas skins that isn't the clown, you will still only get the clown. I must report this and tell hueter about it.

Anyway the skin looks good, I realy like the face, very nice!
Level 17
Jul 4, 2004
curse of the clown - huh ;) ?

well i never noticed that (just one guy said that he had dl'ed my paladin skin and got the clown)

mhh in normal cases it just says: "file allready exists"

so i didnt notice that i uploaded the same filename -_-

anyway - i dont have that skin files...since one week...

well they r old - they r bad - who cares ^^ ?

btw nice skin - i like the face...

maybe the rest is a lil bit undetailed
Level 7
Mar 24, 2004
Thanks for the comments

And actualy, i named it so so that it won't get lost, cuz i'm too lazy to delet all the skins i have :lol:
And the name doesn't screw up the path actualy, you just have to copy the path i gave and that's all.