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Maldraxxus Necromancer

This is my first skin, my first born, my bebe, my treasure and origin my libido. Now I don t have bad thoughts before sleeping cause i know i made this, now when i stab my pinkie finger i don t swear anymore cause i know i made this skin and other things to make this post meet that character limit
Now your liches can look both chilling cool and deadly trendy, freezing all their fans in place. You can clearly see the model so any other comment would mean beating a dead horse.

Maldraxxus Necromancer (Texture)

Approved. Thanks for providing an ingame screenshot.
Ooooh very nice, a WoW inspired texture for some nice Lich variation which is always appreciated, also your first texture which is nice to see, I hope its the start of more :p

The Good:
I love the cloth texture, it looks great. Nice and flowy like purple burial wraps. The brown waist wraps also look great and they all contribute to the look of a Lich that has dragged itself out of the grave with its burial clothes still hanging off it. The colouration on the bones and horns also looks really good with a kind of bronze sheen to them which is good as bone can be hard to pull off especially when you move away from the talcum white that most Warcraft 3 bone has. The teal glowing crystals and eyes also look great and work very well with the Scourge colours. In general, the colour pallete works very well in fitting with the scourge colours but not falling into the pitfalls of being too close to the TC Scourge colours, so we have purples that are softer and rather than green we have a deathly teal and with the bronze and browns to break it all up.

Areas for Improvement:
I did compliment the cloth texture altho I think the chest bits could use a bit more contrast and definition, they seem quite soft atm. On the opposite end the horns and teeth seem overly defined and contrasting and could use a bit of smoothing.

A nice new set of clothes for the Lich with good colour choice and texture work, could use some improvements but overall a great skin. 4/5!