Natures Grasp

Level 2
May 24, 2005
Im Trying to Make an Regular ability (Aereal Shackle) into a hero ability. It worked. But, also i want the unit that died to be replaced with another unit that is under my control.
Ok for Example, I cast Natures grip on a Ghoul. And if the Ghoul dies, i want a treant to appear from its corpse or something like that. Should i use a dummy Necromancer to summon it or something else?
Thx u :)
Level 11
Jul 20, 2004
Well, it's a little complicated if you want it multiinstance. However, if you don't, it's pretty simple.

Trigger 1
Event - An Unit Starts The Effect of an Ability
Conditions - (Ability Being Cast) equal to Shackles
Actions - set ShacklesTarget = (Target Unit of Ability Being Cast)
- set ShacklesCaster = (Casting Unit)

Trigger 2
Event - An Unit Stops Casting an Ability
- An Unit Dies
Conditions - Any of the conditions are true
-> (Dying Unit) equal to ShacklesTarget
-> (Ability Being Cast) equal to Shackles
Actions - If ShacklesTarget is dead equal to true then
-> Create 1 Treant for Owner of ShacklesCaster at Position of (Dying Unit) facing 0.00 degrees
- Set ShacklesTarget = (No Unit)
- Set ShacklesCaster = (No Unit)

That should do it! ;)