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Nation Builder ALPHA

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Level 27
Jul 6, 2008
Nation Builder ALPHA is builder genre map, similar to Empires & Nations and countless Wacraft 3 builder maps.

You start with a "Nation Founder" and pick a location for your nations. Once you lay off the foundations of your nation, you recieve a government palace, which can train labourers, and research some key upgrades. Government Palace can also call the Nation Leader, a unit which provides you with small income, can select the government form (Democracy, Communism, Monarchy and Nacionalism, each gives you various bonuses). Death of a National Leader means gave over, altrough you can still play with Government palace destroyed - Labourer Quarters can substitute the Government palace, but National Leader is very vulnerable and the only unit in which National Leader can be hidden is Government Palace.
There are three types of structures:
-Infrastructure (Housing, Income, Research and special ones, like Monument)
-Military (Military unit production and super-weapons)
-Defenses (Walls, turrets and detectors)
Most of unit-producing structures contain some researches that upgrade your units or unlock new abilities, but new units and structures can be unlocked only be researching new technologies at Research Institute.
At begining you can only train infantry and light scouting vehicles, and your processing plants are not very effective, but researching new technologies will provide you with super-productive Synthesis Plants and large variety of different units to fight your enemies.



P.S. The map is not complete. Currently it has no aircrafts, prototype units and superweapons (Nukes, Time machines, Biological Warfare), but all the Infrastructure structures are complete, and there infantry and most of vehicles done.
By the way, altrough I have learnt a lot about the Data editor, I'm not exactly good with trrigers, and sometimes I may need some help with more advanced Data editor stuff or bugs I ca't fix, so I'd be grateful if you help me. I'll repay with rep and maybe even add you to the credits.
Not open for further replies.