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Mythology from the Oracle

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Jan 28, 2009
I got a little bored, and wrote the beginning to what could become a large mythology. It starts with a thorough creation myth. But the ideas are coming in a good tempo, and the creation is going to be a continual story.
It's supposed to be the records of the secrets divined by an oracle, a bit like the Edda, but it's not written in strophes. I think of using this concept for something - write a longer story using the mythology.
The myth is not meant to be taken completely serious. I'm not making it as "how things are" but more as how people in this alternative world would fantasize about the world around them. Although some of the things are real in the world.

Edit: Feel free to come with questions including critical ones. I won't reveal all my plans, but I can explain if there's something that's hard to understand.

The Oracle's Creation Myth
This is the beginning. Note that the wolf is always being refered to as it. This can actually be confusing, but serves the purpose of keeping it androgynous.

Part I: Rise of the Wolf

In the vast Hollow was Lobos the lonely whelp. It barked, and it barked, and it barked at nothing, until out of its maw flew the full Moon, which it saw, and learned how to howl, and howled at the full Moon!
The full Moon liked its howl so much, she fed the whelp. It grew and it grew and it grew for nothing, until out of its butt grew a tail, which it saw, and learned how to chase, and chased its own tail!
The full moon was so amused, she turned completely dark. The wolf wept and it wept and it wept over darkness, until its bright tears spotted the whole Hollow around it, which it saw, and learned how to see the dark Moon among the stars!
Now the wolf knew feelings, and that she was very sad, it kissed, and it kissed, and it kissed her with its tongue, which she grabbed and salted and seasoned with words, and taught it how to put words together into speech!
Now the two could speak, so the wolf asked the Moon:
"Why are you so sad, and dark, gorgeous Moon?"
"Because I am lonely, like you without me, clever wolf!" Replied the dark Moon.
Although clever, the wolf didn't know what to do.
The wolf ran astray and catched a star in its maw. Without plan, it blew and it blew and it blew in the star, until the star was full of air and larger than any other star! The wolf named it Sun, and he was as gorgeous as Moon!
The Moon could now see the Sun in all his pride, and she ran, and she ran, and she ran after him, but Lobos the wolf would not let go of her, so it learned how to beg, and begged her to stay!
The Moon was convinced by the wolf's begging. For this the Sun thanked the wolf; he could not stand the Moon, and the Sun rewarded the wolf with longer hindlegs, and it learned how to walk upright, and walked upright for no reason.
The Sun was mighty and built a ship he called Land, so the wolf could walk on Land, and so up and down would be, and when the Moon was over Overland, he could hide under Underland, and when the Moon was under Underland, he could hide over Overland.
The Sun's ship Land also had a far destination, which lay outside the Hollow and was called Thragas. First the boat needed something to float in, so the Sun made the clouds, which in return made the ocean.
In the new ocean the Moon spotted her dark, nude reflection, and thought that the Sun disliked her because she was so dark, so she changed, and she changed, and she changed forever, from skirt to skirt between crescent and full.
The wolf was furious at the Sun for making land and up and down so the wolf could no longer reach the Moon hanging up there. From that day on, the wolf cried in longing after the Moon whenever she was full and gorgeous.
The Moon tried to catch up with the Sun to show him her garments, but every time they met on the sky above or below, he rejected her unimpressed, so she could only continue past him, and hope he'd one day start to love her. Tis why the Sun and Moon always move the way they do to create the days and nights, the months, and the years we count before the End of Time. The Sun is time's captain aboard, but the Moon is the other, equally irreplaceable part of the timepiece.

Part II: The Secret of Wind

The Sun decided that he needed an alter-ego, so he could remain on the sky and walk on his ship called Land, at the same time. This was a figure that resembled the old wolf Lobos in upright walk and brilliant speech, but with no pelt on the body, and fingers instead of claws. In this form the Sun was called Nagap.
Occupied by his journey, Nagap made clay, ordered the clouds to shower the clay wet, and used his fingers to shape it into balls.
Lobos was taking cave shelter from the rain when it saw the clay balls out the opening. It rushed out to play with them, but on its way out it was caught by Nagap, who forced a collar around its neck, and chained it to the cave wall.
From the clay balls he shaped creatures in the image of the wolf, and copied every tooth and every hair onto each model. He even copied all the gifts that Lobos had been given, and shone the light of life at their breasts and necks.
With these new wolves, Nagap - or the Sun - had his crew ready. But how would the wolves sail to Thragas without sail and wind, he asked himself.
So a few days later, Nagap went to the cave of Lobos again for the wolf's clever advice. After all, Lobos learned to howl, chase, speak, walk upright, and beg, mostly by itself. But the wolf had guessed that Nagap and the Sun were the same, and it was mad after being seperated from the Moon, and later jailed.
"Release me and bring me to the Moon. Only then will I help you, pretender", the wolf said cunningly. But in fact, it had planned to swallow the Sun and destroy the ship and up and down, as soon as someone released it.
"Ofcourse" replied Nagap, "but first, tell me how I get wind and sail for my ship!"
The wolf did not know that much, so Nagap gave it time to come up with the idea. Every day, Nagap visited the cave, walls covered with crossed over paintings of the wolf's countless ideas that did not satisfy him.
In the meantime, Nagap got bored and created various plants that would need his light, his earth, and his water to grow.
As the wolf was trying to concentrate, it smelled these plants from the cave, and was very disturbed by them. It barked, and it barked, and it barked pointlessly, until mushroom spores flew out of its maw.
To its great satisfaction, the mushrooms didn't need light to grow. The wolf ate one of the mushrooms, and soon found itself to understand many secrets of the world to come, and the place called Thragas, and the secret of the wind.
When Nagap heard its long expected idea, he was thrilled. But he did not keep his promise of releasing the growling wolf. Lobos would have to sit in the cave till the end of time.
First, Nagap travelled to the easternmost end of Land and froze water into great oars of ice, then to the westernmost end of Land and dried lava into great oars of obsidian. He set his two mightiest wolves to command lesser wolf paddlers at these two flanks. They were and are the mighty rimguards, who are the giant Btuim in the east, and the giant Nuim in the west. Each paddles the world with a gigantic paddle next to lesser paddlers with lesser paddles.
In the meantime, his other wolves built the tallest mountain in the world; a mountain so tall that celestial winds sweep its peak today. It is called S'rapokka - or World Mast - and it is towering from the middle of the world. Out of clouds they also wove a sail for the World Mast, called P'rawatha or Cloud Sail.
With the oars of east and west, and the World Mast and Cloud Sail, all the Sun needed to get the world sailing now was the wind. The wolf had told him the secret of the wind, and the only promise Nagap ever kept to the wolf was not to tell anyone the secret of the wind. Not even an oracle can tell the secret. But he managed to start the wind, and high above the clouds the powerful celestial winds were now blowing; winds only meant for the largest ship on which all mortals will live and die for a short time being.

Part III - The First Behemoth

In the ocean of the Hollow sailed Land at the course of Thragas, driven by wolf paddlers in the east and the west, and the celestial winds in the Cloud Sail, all surveyed by the Sun and the Moon.
Nagap, the Sun's earthly incarnation, stood at the southernmost cap of Land and felt the warmth of Thragas in the distance. But suddenly an unwelcoming breeze interrupted. This was the wing bash of the first behemoth. A gigantic, dreadful bird from Thragas, sent to stop Land from approaching.
The bird pecked at the ground, creating huge valleys, into which water poured, creating seas, and later lakes when the clouds had rained long enough.
The behemoth was trying to sink Land, but got tired and flew to the World Mast with stolen branches from the deep rooted trees among Nagap's plant creations. The bird used the branches to build a nest atop the Cloud Mast. But Nagap had to act while the behemoth was tired, before it could continue to ruin his ship.

Nagap went again for advice to the cave where he had shackled the clever wolf Lobos.
The clever wolf was even more angry than last, having been betrayed twice, albeit somewhat delighted over the behemoth's attack.
"What do you want to know about the behemoth, betrayer?" asked the wolf which knew what kind of place Thragas was, and what other monsters it had in store.
"How to get rid of it", replied Nagap in an uproared tone.
"The behemoth may do what it wants. It will not destroy your ship if you let me talk to it." said the wolf, but Nagap did not believe his words, and asked one more time.
The wolf gave in and replied: "You need to catch it. It lifts into the air quickly."
"But how, Lobos?"
"Be nice. Sing softly, and wait till it comes to caress you with its beak. Then you can put a collar around its beak, and capture it."
Lobos laid a paw on Nagap's shoulder, and grinned. Nagap could not feel pain, and did not notice that the wolf had clawed his shoulder bloody. The wound faded quickly, though.
Nagap used his nimble fingers to climb the Cloud Mast bringing a collar and chain. The bird shrieked horrendously when it saw his hand with a collar in it, grab the highest pleateu at which it rested. It bashed its wings and pecked near his hand, and he fell down to a lower pleateu with a boulder landing on his body.
He tried to remove the boulder from himself. To his terror, he discovered that he had no might to do this. Instead he tried to sing softly as the wolf had adviced. But he had not enough voice to do so. He could not even cry for help. He was doomed, and at the same time, the Sun turned black, so no one could see him either.
The clever wolf had tapped his power, and was using it to break the chain and run free. In utter darkness, it climbed the Cloud Mast blind.
At the plateau where Nagap fell, he heard a voice in the darkness; "If I return your power, will you never touch my freedom again, and trust me enough to let the behemoth be free?"
Nagap barely managed to reply, whispered "yes." The light returned. Nagap removed the boulder with his own strength, but looked very dizzy.
The wolf told him, "There are two more to come, and they will wish to live here aswell. I hope you will welcome them." Nagap fainted afterwards - not out of exhaustion, but out of confusion.
So the clever wolf climbed to the last plateau and walked straight to the bird which didn't try to harm him. It talked to the bird for a few minutes, and then wandered off to the forest.
Because of something Lobos had said, the first behemoth had chosen to stay and help presserve Land by guarding the Cloud Mast.
The bird layed eggs atop the Cloud Mast. From these all the birds of Overland's sky were hatched. These were the first mortal creations, and they have a special purpose.

Progress Notes #1
I will later write on topics like mortality's Pantheon and the End Times. The divine entities described in the Creation myth in progress are known as the Celestials, and that includes Lobos and all the wolf minions. The later rising humans worship other entities for very good reason, but all this will be covered.
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Jan 28, 2009
Nagap-Sharah's Quest

Thank you to readers :)

This is a new side story I'm writing that explains some lore that I'm going to skip in the Creation myth. It takes place long after the creation of Land, but the world has not yet reached Thragas.
If you wish a date, I've set it to circa 2000 years "before the calendar", which means they have not started using an international calendar yet. But this information is useless since there aren't any other dated stories yet to compare with. All I can say is that the Creation era was loooooong before this, and nobody knows exactly how long has passed.


In the Asumean Empire the cattle were scarce and their great river Muros run dry. Next to Muros, a boy was born at this time, to the poor Mekil farmer family, and he was named Sharah Mekil.
When his brothers and sisters died, and his parents aged, the Mekils' survival rested upon Sharah's shoulders. He prayed to the Earth Deity at every sunset and every sundown, to make the land richer and save his family. And his parents prayed too, but they prayed that he'd find himself a wife with rich parents.
Sharah's mother died, and after her his father, so Sharah sold the farm and went to the city.
He tried to find work, but everything was taken. So instead he used his money on hyena weed and women.
Soon he was sold as a slave to a mysterious sorcerer from the Cult of Eo, an infamous movement who worshipped an entity of entropy.
The sorcerer observed Sharah as a lad with strong hands, but very little heart. The sorcerer liked that particularly. He sent a demon bird to Underland to tell of this promising lad who had no heart, and no sympathy. The demon bird returned with news that pleased the sorcerer.
Sharah was taken to Ebalune, a land far north of Asumea. This land had many mountains, and among them the world's tallest. The sorcerer ordered Sharah to climb as high he could in the tallest mountain of the world. If he could reach to the burning celestial hearth at the top within twenty days and nights, and return with crucial proof, he was promised freedom, wealth, palace, and a harem of hundreds. Sharah could not resist this offer, and began to climb the World Mast...

Nagap-Shara's Quest Part I

I was climbing a steep cliffwall at the mountain of S'rapokka, the world's
mast, when things were starting to look bad. A few small stones hit me
first, but I made it through. That is; until a larger stone hit my head... That
was about a mile's stretch of vertical cliffs above a flat plateau. I got
rather dizzy, and I felt I was going to faint. But just at that moment, I
heard a swoop beneathe me of something huge.

I must have lost consciousness at that moment, for I do not remember
how I ended up on my back, lying in twigs and branches, not having a
bruise, though, a mild head injury. There was pitch black all around me,
and all my clothes were gone. There was also a foul smell that made me
turn around and vomit; like a mix of rotting pork and excrements. But I
was inside, for the air was quite warm and isolated, and not windy at all.

I heard something move in front of me, and could feel the nest beneathe
me move. As I looked forward I saw two green, flourscent eyes of birdlike
appearance in the dark.
"What are you called?" The voice that asked - me, apparently, seemed
somehow out of sync with my sorroundings. It was as if it came from
inside my head. There was an artificial accoustique to it, and it led me to
think I was either hallucinating, dreaming, or dead.
"WHHAAAT AARRE YOOUU CAALLED??!" The voice was ghostly and
haunting, somehow; kind of sad.
I coughed and, out of stress replied: "What? No, I'm... Please; I don't
know how I got here, or what this place is, but please just let me go. I
shall leave this mountain...err...immediately! Just please let me go!"
"NOOO! You'd get lost... You'd die...alone. You are not in Overland
anymore, spirit. You are somewhere else."
"What do you mean? Am I... Am I dead?!"
"No, but you are in Underland. And from this place, you can't find home.
You're going to die soon, unless you stay till I tell you what you must do."
"Must... What must I do?"
"Patience. What are you called?"
"...S-Sharah...Sharah Mekil!"
"Aaaahhhh, then you are who I thought. Welcome to Underland, Nagap-
Sharah. I am Darvo, and I shall not have to kill you, hyeh! No, for you are
the right one. You are the builder. You are the prophet. You are Nagap-
"No, excuse me. I'm Sharah Mekil. Think you heard my name
"Yes, you are Sharah Mekil, but you are not just that; you are Nagap-
Sharah...Mekil. You know who Nagap was: The first Light Carrier. And you,
Sharah, are the 9th Light Carrier; Nagap-Sharah."
I turned to puke again. The stench was intolerable.
"Aeurgh...n-No! No I'm not!"
"Stubborn Overlander! You will show the light to future generations of
Overlanders. You will be the surpreme true deity of Land. You climbed
higher than any mortal has done. You almost reached the top of the
World Mast. Did you see the Cloud Sail while you were climbing? You are
destined to carry the light. But first you should wash yourself. You are
covered in yuck."
I didn't know how I was supposed to do that, but suddenly came a loud,
deep booming above me.
"That is the River of Cleansing. I just summoned it. Your eyes are not
accustomed to the light of Underland yet, so please, hold on to me. We're
going upstairs to the River of Cleansing. You will be cleansed and
accustomed to the dull light of Underland."
It turned so I couldn't see the flouroscent eyes in the dark any longer. I
could only assume that if I moved forward a bit, I could get a grip of some
random part of its body. I had to move more than a little bit further,
though, and stumbled on my way to it. It seemed like what I thought had
been right in front of me, was actually about twenty feet away. It had to
be huge. What I finally stumbled into had a feathery texture, and I could
tell that this being was colossal. I couldn't tell this before, because the
eyes could have been a hundred feet away, or right in front of me. It was
a frightening moment. I had been close to conquering the World Mast, but
this was way more frightening, and I had doubt as to whether this was
going to be safe.
I clinged on, and it started to move. I felt gravity hint that I was now
being lifted up, and I think I was now floating some fifteen feet over the
ground. It was obviously a bird of some kind after what I could tell from
the way its body bobbed as it strode, and ofcourse the feathers.

Darvo, the creature, carried me up through some tunnels, I think. It was
getting chillier and more windy, the stench was fading, and the deep,
booming noise, previously above us, moved left and transformed into
river noise as we ascended.
We were near. It was deafening. I felt completely oblivious; beraved
vision, and my thoughts muted by the heavy water noise. But then I felt
the spray at my face, and it seemed to completely remove any trace of
fear or unconfidence.
Then, the bird leaned sideways and shook me off its gigantic body. I
splashed into the river, and became cleansed, the feeling of which was
simply beyond description.

Under the water, I regained vision. I first saw it blurry; bubbles and
bubbles, some crazy colors, writhing around me close to my body, and
then the green, moving things at the bottom. My vision became sharper,
and the water was very clear. The green things at the bottom were
unfamiliar, aquatic plants, and the colors writhing near me, exotic snakes.
Some of the snakes had black and orange stripes, others were red as
blood, and yet others white as snow or black as obsidian.

I saw a gray beak, literally the size of a horse wagon, dip into the river,
and after it the rest of this magnificent bird's head. It most resembled a
crow of godlike proportions. I held onto its beak, and it lifted me out of
the water. This place was a jungle with an otherwordly beauty; plants
that I'd never seen before, and were unlike anything in Overland. There
were as many tree-sized mushrooms as there were mountain-tall trees.
The sun shone through the great leaves of wide tree crowns in awesome
heights. Shadows here were cast in an unnatural and more artistic style
than ordinary. I could as well have stepped into some sorcerer's piece of

"Welcome to Drakewood, Light Carrier. This is what Underland can look
like. Belu made this. She is a wonderful, spirited artist, albeit a bit...mad."
"Right, Belu, she's the woman you'll have to meet before you can truly
carry the light. She's also very dangerous; a powerful, powerful witch...
but destiny foretold that you'll pass the test."
"Um, yes. There is a test you'll have to pass first. Belu is a crucial part in
it, so we better go find her as soon as possible."
"Okay... You lead the way...I guess."
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