The Mythology of Gods & Empires

Level 9
Jul 20, 2009
Mythology of the GODS
NEW! PHRAETOR - The GOD Seer, Patron God of Poets & Philosophers, God of Wisdom
Phraetor is considered as the God of Wisdom. He possess the gift of clairvoyance and the ability to read thoughts. He could see things even before they actually happen. And because of this, Nerom treats him with high regard and in fact would frequently come to seek his counsel, asking advice on a variety of things. The downside however of his powers is that he could not directly tell what he foresees. He expresses them thru poetry and sometimes in the form of riddles. At times, Nerom would not right away understand Phraetor's prophecies and would totally disregard them. This unknowst to Nerom could prove to be costly for the future holds dark tidings for him.

In silence will strike a deafening heed
Far louder than drumbeats pounding
Words spoken in visions dim
Deeds done for reasons grim

Born with tongue of half-truths
And whose eyes speak of concealed lies
Corrupting poison for feeble minds
Inevitable cause of one's demise

-Book of Prophecies

Nerom is the revered king of the Gods of the Realm of Niv(tentative). He is strong and powerful,but also at times prideful and stubborn. He possess the creator stone, the most valuable relic of the deities. With it he is capable of creating almost anything his mind is able of conceiving out of nothing. He is scheming, secretive and also has a tendency of being discontented. He always want change in everything around him. Often he would start creating something but would soon grew weary of it and change his mind then begin doing something else. Out of all that he created, the Humans was his most favorite. They took his attention and with them he has something to play with. He can at will dictate their fortunes. With them he was able to impose his Godliness. The fate of the Humans greatly depends on the whims of the deities themselves.
Nerom is infamous for his legendary lust for Human women. Throughout the country side, demigod offsprings often shows up-fruits of his numerous trysts. A child showing unusual or supernatural abilities is often associated with Nerom and is referrred to as "Kings's bastard".
Nerom is often depicted together with his winged white steed, Gylomesh. Gylomesh can take the shape of a living flame and can travel across the land faster than a thought and whose wings could rain down rays of blinding white light that would burn anything it will come into contact with instantaneously.
Nerom's symbols are white flame and the creator stone, signifying his burning desire to create and his discontentment.
Vestra is Nerom's wife and queen. She rules over domestic blessings, marriage, childbirth, jealousy and nature. She is a caring and protective Goddess and unlike his husband she tends to be sympatethic to the Humans and would often come to their aid. On rare occasions however she shows up her wrath. Nerom's straying inevitably incurs her fury causing untold natural disasters of epic proportions(scary eh?lol). According to legends, she once razed a whole city to the ground out of jealousy. The doomed city is believed to be where one of Nerom's human mistresses lived.
Throughout the realm of Niv, shrines and temples in honor of her can be found and often believers would come to these places asking for protection and blessing.
Vestra is always accompanied by a golden feathered bird, Oros. It is said that at night time Oros turns into a star, gazing upon the lands watching over Vestra's minions and keeping an eye for Nerom. Vestra's symbol is a tree with a golden bird on one of it's branches.
Aidous is the younger brother of Nerom. He is wise and resourceful but is not as powerful as him. He can't create out of nothing but what makes him special is his Godly power to invent and discover things. Aidous is a thinking deity and has the innate ability to innovate and bring about new creations out of the most common or extraordinary things. He presides over Science and Technology. Inventors, scientists and engineers revere him as their patron God. Ever so often, Aidous in his human form would come down from Elohia(tentative name of the City of the Gods) to mingle with his followers, teaching and sharing with them his new discoveries.(Eureka!hehe). Aidous symbol are a scroll and a gear.
Pyramus is the twin brother of Nerom. He is considered to be as powerful as his brother but his domain is not in creating things but in destroying them. He is ill-tempered and his tanrums would often result into massive earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. He is also the God of War. War yields chaos and with it comes destruction.
Pyramus invented metallurgy and gave it to his minions. With it, humans learnt how to make weapons and armors, the essentials for War. He and Nerom have a long time dispute and often times this feud is settled through war. What Nerom created, Pyramus is bound to destroy. The Etrean War, which has been waged for more than a century is essentially an act of retaliation by Pyramus against Nerom for throwing him out of the Council of the Gods mainly because of his uncontrollable temper.
Pyramus is often depicted as a sullen and battle scarred creature wielding 2 giant swords engulfed in burning red flame. He is hot-blooded and has a tendency to get out of control. When in this state of rage however, Pyramus is at his most powerful form, destroying anything and everything in his path.
Pyramus' symbols are a volcano and 2 swords engulfed in red flame crossing each other.
OTHER GODS>Zharagum, Phraetor, Aelpho, Khendar, Eirod, Tyrr, Eltris, Althaion, Nephtom, Xaeros, Ahram, Llymnos, Nheva.(details of which will be revealed as soon as I finalized their background stories)