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Pearl East Mythology

Level 13
Dec 13, 2008

A time after first Era, in the world of "Le Rune", a group of civilization of humans exist. The Kingdom of Lorecia arise in front of all Gods as the most powerful empire in the world. Aside from their modern structures and castle defenses, Lorecia also acquired the most advanced mechanisms and modern science and high technologies. Naval Exploration Commandant General Circlet Humpre was assigned to navigate to eastern part of the World, to discover alternative routes and unexplored natural resources. Upon destination, Gods brought a destructive storm on their path. From twenty naval ships, only three were successfully survived the powerful storm, and they landed on a new continent that was never been discovered.

On this land from the most southern of East of the World, a kingdom was exist. Ruled by a group of High Priests as a Governing Body, and a High Priestess named Aghanez Valentine Rozhan, She is also the keeper of the famous rune of the World East - The Crystal Pearl. By the faith of all people in every village in their keeper and on the Rune that protects the whole continent, Foresia managed to keep the peace and order from its nation and all villages around them: Toriah, Lucia, Harran, and Zyria. Sir Circlet and his army were warmfully welcomed by a group of villagers in Zyria. Sir Circlet then, as a return of kindness, teach them the modernization in civilization, bureaucracy, and military technologies. Zyria in short time adopted the modernization and the village suddenly grew into a city. Foresia, the reigning empire, alarmed on the growing power of the city of Zyria. Sir Circlet came up with a wonderful idea. He asked the Governing Body of Foresia for a Treaty of Alliance. He promised that when the treaty approves, he will teach the modernization in all of the continent, thus a powerful and modern empire. Majority of the Governing Body agreed, but to do so, the Keeper must be tied on Sir Circlet in a form of marriage. The other members of the Governing Body disagreed with the marriage proposal. They say that a prophecy foretells a curse will happen in the whole kingdom if the keeper is enslaved with anyone.

Mezaac, the former Keeper of the Rune, blessed the marriage and foretold a prosperous and strong empire will be born by their marriage. The other members of the Governing Body, those who disagreed along with their followers lead a rebellion on the government of Foresia.

A civil war in the Foresia has began after the wedding ceremony of Sir Circlet and Priestess Aghanez. Bloods were spilled, and agony covered the Foresia. The war ended when the armies of Sir Circlet and the City of Zyria reinforce the army of Foresia. Few of rebels were captured and outcasted from the Foresia, and called "The Dark Medium" After the war, the ceremony of divination was organized. The Rune - The Crystal Pearl - was transferred to the hands of Sir Circlet. The Rune was now placed in a temple inside the City of Zyria. The city was then called "The Pearlacia" by Sir Circlet, which means "the home of the crystal pearl". Two more years, Prince Mashive was born. The ony son of Sir Circlet and Priestess Aghanez. Mashive grow under the supervisions of a High Priestess named Briseis. After fourteen years, Sir Circlet suddenly disappeared. The kingdom was abandoned, and so Prince Mashive was placed in the position of the King of the Empire.


At the age of fourteen, Prince Mashive was anointed as the king of the empire. However, Prince Mashive was so young and is ignorant of governing a mass of people in different nation. But there is Priestess Briseis -the counselor of his father- who always at beside him giving advices and instructions on what to do, or who will or when it will or how it will be done. At this one night, Briseis commanded Prince Mashive to hurl down the Crystal Pearl in the fiery Altar of Sacrifices. And he did just so. After that, the surroundings suddenly began to change. The darkness falls throughout the whole continent. The sky was grimmed with clashes of thunder and lightnings. And Mezaac appeared from nowhere saying this things with anger,"What have you done? The heaven was cut into halves, the land you were standing was disgraced, now that the air we breathe was filtered with foul dirt. What will be this race's future in your hands? Surely it will be in the land of spilled blood and scorched desert!" And a huge scar covered his whole body, from his neck up to his thigh, a scar covered which is looked like a from of a burning crystal. And Prince Mashive began trembling with anger in the curse he received from Mezaac.
And he ordered to hunt and kill Mezaac and all of the Mages in the Foresia, and all of their kind, and all who practices their teachings, and blazed down the whole City of Foresia. While Priestess Aghanez suffered with an unknown disease that weakens her hastily, nothing even modern medicine of Perlacia can restore her health. It is because the effect of a curse. As prophecy says,"Whenever the keeper fails to protect the Rune, he will repay it with his soul." The people of the villages around the City of Foresia witnessed the massacre done by Prince Mashive. And the people began to murmurings and revolt against the government of Prince Mashive. Each of every district organized a new body of authorities that will rule around them. All of them are three: one in Harran, and one in Lucia, and another one in Toriah. And they continue to refuse to follow orders from the authorities under the government of Prince Mashive. And they kill every man with swords, every soldiers of Prince Mashive, every warriors whom are not belong to them, as a show of disrespect to the commandments of the Empire. And a war continued against the four nations, each against every one, the Toriah, the Lucia, the Harran, and the Perlacia. And the unglorious war lasted for twenty years.
And it was ended because of the advice of the counselor of the Prince Mashive -Piestess Briseis advice to make a covenant in the three nations, the Toriah, the Lucia, and the Harran. Briseis foretells that, "The freedom of war, the order and security will be restored only if, a marriage between the king of the empire and the firstborns of every nation will be arranged. And the curse of Mezaac will be removed." And so Prince Mashive arranged an assembly of supreme authorities of all nations around Foresia. And he told everything about the prophecy of Priestess Briseis. The members of the assembly of supreme authorities agreed and promised to give their firstborn daughters to Prince Mashive. The High Priest of Lucia gave his daughter, Cornelia. The Noble Knight of Toria gave his daughter, Shavarra. The Chieftain of Harran gave his daughter, Pershiva. And Prince Mashive took the most beautiful priestess in the temple of Perlacia as his wife, Christina. And by the power of the ceremony of marriage of Prince Mashive and the four daughters, the curse of Mezaac was removed. The war ended and the darkness that envelops the continent has gone. And the sky returned to its marvelous shine.


And so it was the graces of Priestess Briseis, that the Kingdom of Pearl East was back to peace and unity. Prince Mashive believed that Briseis has the blessing of the Gods to foresee, and to communicate with the Gods. And so Prince Mashive build an altar with a statue of Briseis as a God. And Prince Mashive made a new religion that practices teachings and ideas of Briseis, and worships Priestess Briseis as a God in its human form, and believes an follows every wishes and prophecies of Briseis.
And Prince Mashive build statues and altars and performs rituals of sacrifices in every villages around the kingdom, and they force every people in every villages around the kingdom to practice the religion and worship Priestess Briseis as their God. And if anyone tries and disobeys and opposes the religion, he shall be therefore executed. A year passed, and the wives of Prince Mashive gave birth of a child, one in each of them. Shavarra of Toriah gave birth to a boy named Prince Luca. Pershiva of Harran gave birth to a boy named Prince Pasamegra. And Cornelia of Lucia to Prince Ameria. And Christina of Perlacia to Prince Kimschut. The four sons of Prince Mashive grew inside the castle of Perlacia.