The Keepers: Warmongers

Level 5
Apr 12, 2007
Prologue Part 1: The Treaty-Keepers Fall

Across the plains of Balbatos, war looms on the horizon. For the mighty kingdom of Perinor incurs the wrath of the Balbatans. The Keepers, old and fair order of time, was angered by the Perinorians’ actions. Their action broke the Time Treaty, a treaty proposed by the Keepers to ensure that the events of the First Christ World doesn’t happen again. When the treaty was broken, all nations heard the news and suddenly broke apart. No one wants to challenge the kingdom of Perinor. Legendary in military strength, yet not so strong in common sense.

Out in the night, in the plains of Balbatos, stands a young man. A man of high stature amongst his people. His name was Benjamin Forwern, a prince. Rubbing his chin, he thought, “Why this? Don’t the Perinorians know the Time Treaty is in effect for all eternity until the end of this world?” In the mist of the darkness, came out a dark-cloaked figure. “So you have come, Master Helios!” said Benjamin. “Do not called me master. I am just a person as you are. A human as you are.” Helios replied. Helios is a master thief, stealing away great treasures of old from nations to nations. He was also known to steal great knowledge, thus mocking the Keepers. For they are the knowledge-seekers who came out of the ashes of the First Christ World and the genesis of the Second Christ World. Even Helios was friend to the Forwern family ever since he saved Benjamin’s father from marauding raiders in the mountains northwest of Balbatos.

While Benjamin was staring out in the open, Helios suddenly said, “How many days from now will the Perinors attack?” Benjamin answered, “Eight days and a half night.” Helios then sat down with Benjamin, “Then this is as I feared, no army can travel that fast without science. A cursed subject that almost led to the destruction of mankind. Not to mention, a betrayal within the orders of the Keepers. Bah, what am I talking about! The Keepers have study too long, the treaty softens them to a point of a helpless rabbit!” Benjamin then began to worried about what Helios said. “Will the Keepers come out of the lands of Palacon and help?” Benjamin thought. Palacon, a land surrounded by the mountains, a fertile land.

Sensing Benjamin’s doubts of winning a war with another kingdom, Helios said, “Do not fear, do not forget who I really am in the darkness. I am a thief amongst the shinny day of the outside but an ancient being in the darkness night of the inside.” Then the master thief walked off into the night, as if a ghost was wandering. The prince thinking what to do, was trying to devise a plan to halt of the Perinorian’s advance. He thought that if he halt their advance at the sudden eastern border, he can buy time if anyone will come to their aid. The prince was worred, “Science?” Benjamin thought. But, he knew there was another thing out in there that can stop the destructive weapons of science, Magic. A powerful thing to be reckon with, for if one uses magic a price must pay. Helios told Benjamin that once.

The Balbatan prince finally stood up and walked off into the night. To the nearest town, there he may find some comfort. The war has begun, in sense that is.

Note: This my first story, I'm writing. Inspired by J.R.R. Tolkiens and Terry Brooks. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. I copied and pasted it from Microsoft Word.
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