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My Big Bank of Uncontinued Ideas

Which one would you like to play most??

  • The Everfall Campaign

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  • Hunt and Lash RPG

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  • Neverworld

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First of all,I have my Everfall Campaign which has been put on hold due to issues with MY computer,as I am using my back-up ATM.
I've decided to color each topic so if your scrolling down fast, you don't get lost looking for one of my projects or ideas:
Everfall Campaign
Everfall Sequel
Afterworld RPG
Legacy of the Last Shaman
Neverworld Arena

Remember!Your vote counts, and so do your views on these concepts!

Everfall is a large maze-like forest that has many diverse groups living throughout the lands. At the end of the maze is Taka, home to a powerful elf cast from his own village along with a prideful soldier known as Terk. So far the village has been under the watchful eye of Endiku, the White Knight City, which is connected slightly to the Dwarven undergrounds. Third is the Elven Village, and so on. If you've checked out my maps (BETA stage,tested maybe once by my tester(Yes I am going to update them in the finished Campaign) then you'll know the details, such as who the White Knight brothers Sir Astenine and Sir Ashton Prince really are, and who their father is.

At the moment, the story is still in its basic stages, where Invading...Fish things are threatening the Forest in its entirety, at the last battle of Everfall, players will have heroes under their command such as:

Aerin Castro;a warrior of the future, fighting for the life of his love.

The Rogue;a mutant creature from the future prison who has stolen a powerful suit of armor, he is the cause of Aerin's travel to the past.

Lord Myten;the hateful Elven warrior of Taka, who sees the invaders as atrocities and scum.

Master Terk;a hardened, yet slightly pampered warrior who descends directly from the founder of Taka.

Sir Astenine;the White Knight who rarely speaks of his dream for peace.

Sir Ashton Prince;brother of Astenine, who rarely speaks of his dream for Atrophy and Chaos.

Rougi & Tartis Borefire;two ingenius dwarves who have increased the power of their cannon to surpass the entire Dwarven Elite, at the cost of some of their own allies in battle.

The Squadron;a group of four consisting of a Defender, a Mage, a Caster and a Berserker who have decided to aid the Brigade in their war against the Fish...things.

The White Knight Topiar;an old man with decades of combat under his belt, his skills are tuned to the preservation and defence of his people.

Khel Zephyr;the Elven champion, who at his best could match Lord Myten.

The Demons;A Doomlord may join forces with the Taka Brigade and the forces of Endiku at a certain point, if you pay him enough.
A strong Pitlord will be able to join in the fight at one point or another, if you beat the simple task of slaying his legion of Undead and his own son. At that point you gain control of a massive army of demons.

Horgh Ironphase;an extremely powerful gunman from the Dwarven undergrounds, he has equipped himself with excessively powerful Electromines and honed his skills to near perfection.

Next is my sequal RPG, which takes place after the Campaign, where upto twelve players can take control of a travelling soldier from Everfall, train and equip him with many powerful weapons and complete about 10-35 individual quests in areas such as a Swamp, Villagelines, a Gangster city, a long river from Everfall that is infested with the surviving "Fish" now known as Murlocs and of course, a racist city and a White Knight City.Not much can be accomplished now, as the map seems to be bugged so I can't give many details.

Aside from that RPG, I have an idea to replace the seemingly failed Everfall Sequel. This idea is based in a darker part of the world in another point in time, after Aerin Castro's futuristic era is where the sun turns red and the world once again becomes medievil. Here you will be able to tame certain creatures and keep them for about a day in the editted game time. If being a Tamer isn't your style, there is also the lasher, who has a much quicker cooling ability that can exponentially increase the chance of success of a Tamer actually Taming his target (Yes you can use it in normal fights, but Taming is usually better for the team).
One city has an abundance of villagers and peasants who will always be ready to defend their land, but refuse to leave. The King who resides here is said to be the regions strongest warrior.
Another small area is a stronghold of Dark Trolls, inside of a small Fortress (After a battle with two High Priests) resides the Shadow Council, who endlessly guard the berserk giant known as Dad.
After this is a ruined village and small forest held by a group of Demons dressed in Ceremonial masks, wielding weapons of unknown origins. These demons guard a giant and powerful tree that would provide the region with enough lumber to build themselves through the skies, house by house.

Other than those maps which seem to all have in one small way or another have something to do with eachother I have an idea reaching throughout a different worldscape, reaching somewhere between Warcraft and Everfall. It is called Legacy of the Last Shaman. While warring with Humans, Dwarves and Elves, the Orcs have been neglecting their magi, even killing them off to give more bulk to the melee factions of their army known as the Dreamcleavers. A single Shaman still lives, but his art has been forgotten by almost all others on the face of the planet. His campaign will feature an adventure to return his people to their magical roots while going throughout four continents, and ending in a battle at sea.

The Neverworld Arena features a small place for the players to reside, healing and preparing for adventures out in a large region FULL of creatures. As you and eleven others work tirelessly to beat eachother in a controlled Duel using copies of creatures (Crafted inside of a Soul Gem, which saps only a small portion of the creatures soul). Even if your creature dies, you have the opportunity to go back into the Region to bring the creature back into your army, unless another creature manages to slay your target. Very few of these creatures attack players.

So which would you like to see most?The two projects with the most votes will be continued, restarted or JUST started.

only voted so I can easily check the votes.
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