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hello everybody! me again

this cursor is my first skin upload, its also my first project in months to be finished. Im working on 3 types of things, animated aquatic plants, animated weeds, and the lava doodads to accompany my single lonely lava slag model.

this cursor was inspired by my love of murlocs, in my map, you play as a murloc, whether it will ever be finished who knows, likely not, but that's not relevant and I digress, this is a good cursor replacement if you want murlocs to be you're primary race, but also want you're naga to be a primary race. I am aware of the naga cursor on the skin section, but I wanted something less beefy and more small and elegant looking, so I based this off of the undead cursor, with its bony scrawny hand, but you will see no trace of the undead cursor here.

this cursors unique in that the aim-er spins, many cursors have flashing aim-ers for left targeted spells, even custom aim-ers, but I have yet to see a cursor with spinning in it yet.
I rigged the hand for grabbing items to look like its actually grabbing the items, it looks kinda cute in my opinion.
this cursor is not the greatest or most useful cursor ever to live on the hive in all of time and space, but its a nice piece I think. enjoy.

by the way to every body making cursors that wish to emulate my spinning aim-er, you have my permission here and now to copy and paste that section of my skin and add it to yours, I will not become angry or squeal plagiarism, it was how ever, very, very difficult to rig, I had to build that spinning aim-er, pixel by pixel, it took months of my time, not congruently but day after day here and there, so if you do copy and paste my spinning aim-er, do me this much of a favor, and throw my name in the skin's credits: and make a mur'loc on you're map (any model of murloc you wish, which ever you like the most) and call him ''kellym0'' with the hero title ''god of murlocs'' just kidding, that would be pretty awesome of you though =)

Update 1: just figured id add the paths:

Cursor, UI, Naga, Murloc, MurGul, Aquatic, Spinning Mousy Aimer!

MurlocCursorV050 (Texture)

13:44, 19th Dec 2013 Kwaliti: Very useful for the murloc/naga races.




13:44, 19th Dec 2013

Very useful for the murloc/naga races.
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Aug 20, 2009
The Spinning target, pretty original.

As for the hands, Its okay but, the webbing needs more definition,

the Claws/nails needs more definition and shape too.

the pointing finger needs to have a clear structure.

When I pick up item, the third (at the right) finger feels unnaturally positioned.

The rest is great, not bad at all!.

It just felt too cartoony, probably more shading to give a more 3 dimensional feel?

Idk, its my perspective, it may have been good already, and maybe its just me.
its hard to give the claw any more definition because its made up of about 8 pixels

the finger position on the tip cannot be altered any more due to the textures scale, it was either make the nail appear under the items icon, or bend and squish the entire hand over too much and make the edge of the hand box-like

the yellow webbing is also hard to add definition to due to the lack of pixel count, even if I was told what to add, itd still be hard, as it is idk what else to add, apart from perhaps some darker yellow in it some where (but where exactly?)

the pointing finger has a good dark blue out line that is a sort of shading, im not sure what to add to give it more definition, apart from the lighter blue on the hand its self to make it look sun lit

the third finger during the item grab is kind of hidden under the rest of the hand, like when you tweeze something in one finger and thumb, the other ''middle'' finger is bent against your palm, I did it that way because theres no room for that third finger

thanks for your comment geki =D its appreciated, il see what I can do to make it look more defined but not too muddy and keep its nice bright colors.

and thank you too midasowski glad you liked it.
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Jul 9, 2009
Gekigengar does have many good points, personally I only think that it's the nail/claw on the pointing finger that really need improvement since it is the most important part of the cursor so you can actually see really well what you're pointing at.
hmm ok razosh, I appreciate you're comment, but I must ask, how do I improve it? my goal was to build a long lanky finger with a small claw on the tip, what do you suggest I do? it took me a long time, before I finally decided to upload it as what I considered finished, so im truly at a loss on how to improve it, you say the claw on the pointing fingers important, the most important part, you are indeed correct I agree, but improve it how? Its dark on the tip, and lighter on the base of the finger, do you suggest I make the entire fingernail brighter? or darker? or alter the color positioning? making the tip brighter and the base darker? its hard not to make the finger nail its self pixel-ated and muddy more specific criticism would be appreciated =D

do you have problems seeing the finer nail on the tip? is that the issue? does it need to be bigger or longer or something?
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Nov 9, 2012
the finger tip seems blurry? hmm dam. not sure how to fix that. its rigged to be slightly alpha-ed out around the finger tips edges, without that, it appears pixel-ly but maybe that's why it seems blurry idk.

Don't mind the blurrines. All cursors in wc3 are Blurry. I saw many tutorials about cursors. All ended up pixel-blurry :) so yeah great job
''More shading could be good. 4/5 '' Heinvers

Not sure how though, as it is, the hand is really hard to edit, I'v almsot added too much shading, the hand's top being bright sky blue teal/white and the under side being dark dark blue.
remember that front picture thats like 3 inches wide, thats what im editing =*(

''Agree with Heinvers, but this is too useful since too many people love the murlocs. '' Chenralstrasz

Yea, but im still not sure how to do it. it really is like poking square holes in a blob, thats what this cursor is. to change it, I need to change 1 hand, then copy/paste it 7 times again with lighter to darker to lighter contrast for the binking ally colors effect (red yellow green). so to change somthing small is actualy realy hard.
glad you think its useful though.

@StrikerGaming -- glad you like it, lol I thought it as cute as I was making it too.