Mun TD Wars

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Mun TD Wars
Setup: 2v2, 1v1 or vs Computer
Maximum Duration: 1+1/2 hrs
Average Duration: 30 min

Newest Version: Mun TD REFORGED 1.3 (released 25.06.2020)

..a tricky TD war between 2 teams with a lot of possibilities!

Waves will spawn with 1 hitpoint getting healed while passing the allied lane.
Now the healed waves will spawn on the enemie lane, where they have to be killed before they reach the end. Each team has 35 lives! type -info ingame, to get a list of commands and information!

Use the camera zoom slider on the left side of the unit portrait, to adjust camera height easily!

Workers: The „woman“ ..
..Can build healtowers
..Can build buff towers
..Can build invisible tower!( buff tower picture left)

The „man“..
you have to build a basic tower first, to upgrade it into:
-„basic damage tower“ and upgrade it to 5 different basic towers
(siege, pierce, chaos, normal)
-„Telement“ and upgrade it to 7 different elemental towers!
..Can build special towers

Unitry: Building with mana.(mana and manareg is upgradeable)
Send heros with auras, wich support your allied waves or debuff enemies for mana.
If you send a hero, ressources will be sent to Creepitry and your income increases.

Upgrade your waves
Armor, Hitpoints, Liferegeneration and Hero Hitpoints for gold and wood ressources, gained by sending creeps in Unitry, Send T1 or Send T2

Send T1
With this building you can send Tier 1 creeps for gold and wood ressources, to increase your income.

Send T2:
With this building you can send Tier 2 creeps for gold and wood ressources, to increase your income. T2 creeps are much stronger and super expensive!

Income: At the end of each wave, you receive your income (every 85 sec.)
When wave 31 starts, you receive income every (40 sec.)

Waves: Overall there are 46 waves!
Until wave 30, each Wave spawns 25 creeps for each team.
Waves have different armor types,
IMPORTANT: Air Units are stacked and they fly straight to end, ignoring paths!
Leaking creeps will make the team loose 1 life per leak!

After wave 30 the game turns into second stage:
Each Wave spawns 1 „God“ instead of 25 creeps.
Gods are very powerful, as they have plenty of hitpoints and armor.
However gods have an ankh, they ressurect when they die, so be prepared to kill them twice!
The strength of the gods increases with the wavecounter.
Leaking a God results in loosing 8 lives!

Only Player 1 is allowed to choose the modes in the game.

Try the mazing mode! Its a lot of fun!

Only Hero Wave Mode:
Kill 30 Waves with your Hero only! Send units in T1/T2, upgrade your wave in Creepitry! Buy items and abilities! Arena Battle every ~6 minutes.
Leave player 3 and 4 open to practice!

Events: Angry Sheep:
Player 1 and 4 get a hero with Root ability and Brilliance aura.
Player 2 and 3 get a hero with Holy Light ability and Damage Aura.
The first team killing 10 sheep, wins gold and wood!
Everytime a sheep dies, two new sheep will respawn.
Duration: 3 minutes
Running Rabbit:
All players become rabbits. You have to navigate your rabbit through the deadly labyrinth and reach the end to escape this nightmare.
Win 5 lives for your team, and be the fastest!
Kill goodies: If a Teams player reaches 100, 250, 500, 750, 1000 or 1250 Kills, a stack of lumber and a coin of gold will appear. Collect them to get bonus ressources!

Hero Battle:
Battle arena with 2 respawning farm mobs, and a spawning Ball in the middle, giving a random buff! Either Mana restore, Health restore, Mana and Health restore and Speedbuff

Combining: Towers that are build can be upgradet. If a tower reaches the maximum upgrade level, it gets the combine ability. Combine two towers of the same kind to a ultimate tower!
(Tower spawns at the unit you cast the ability with)

Inventory: Towers have 1 inventory slot, Ultimate towers have 2 inventory slots! Items can be bought in the MI6 Technical Laboratory and MI6 Assistance Service (Itemshop)

Itemshop:the MI6 Technical Laboratory and MI6 Assistance Service.
Located in the forest
at the end of each lane. (buy buffs, weapons, auras and supporting items)

Items: Items can be combined aswell. The following 4 recipes are craftable:
(Type -combine ingame to see recipies)

Claw of attack + Claw of attack = Scissors of Slicing
Scissors of slicing + Scissors of slicing = Blade of the Assassin

obi mask + obi mask = Sibo Mask
Sibo Mask + Sibo Mask = Sobi Mask
Sobi Mask + Sobi Mask = Sensei Mask

Ring of the mage + Ring of the mage = Shining Moonstone
Shining Moonstone + Shining Moonstone = Enforced Plasma Ring
Enforced Plasma Ring + Enforced Plasma Ring = Pulsating Plutonium Ring

Old Gloves + Old Gloves = Leather Gloves
Leather Gloves + Leather Gloves = Gloves of Hurry
Gloves of Hurry + Gloves of Hurry = Gloves of Rush

Thank you for playing, enjoy!

Meatsausage (334754u5463)

Shout out to all creative people creating everyday!

v2.7.1 Fixed Bug occuring in Hero Battles!
v2.7.2 Fixed Bug when starting hero battle
v2.7.3 Fixed Manaan, and vision clearer
v. Reforged Fixed Manaan again, added heros to normal, removed only hero mode.
sheep event does not cross hero event anymore,
Heroes now get teleported back after the second event.
Fixes Mun TD REFORGED v1.3

sheep event does not cross hero event anymore,
Heroes now get teleported back after the second event.

Mun TD Wars REFORGED 1.3 (Map)

Shar Dundred
Map appears to be functional & doesn't break any rules. Approved.
Level 12
Jan 30, 2020
I have to recommend this Tower Defense game.

It really has refreshing features.

- The most innovative is the duality of Towers : the standard attacking towers, and the healing towers that raise the health of creeps your are sending to the opponent. The more efficient the heals are, the more chances your creeps will have full health once they went around your towers.
- Not only can you send creeps from a shop like in many modern TDs, but you can also "send" auras to make your creeps more efficient.
- Once you have reached the maximum upgrade on two identical towers, you can combine them to get an even more powerful tower.
- The towers can also benefit from items that can be combined.
- At some points the game will temporarily stop for mini-games that will help you get bonuses.

Don't miss the opportunity to discover all this !

Overall the map is fun to play and the triggers are pretty solid. The author keeps working on it with dedication to bring new features or improve those already in game.
Level 12
Jan 30, 2020
Pleased this is approved, totally deserved.

I need to test the latest version, but I am still in the middle of Lua nightmares....
Level 12
Jan 30, 2020
Hello there !

Any reason you removed Mazing Mode ? It was really nice :'(

Besides I liked the other changes.

Couple of things though :
- You should move the camera back to the main base after hero battles
- Air attackers should probably not spawn all packed together looking like a single unit.

Keep the good work... and bring mazing back lol !
Level 4
Dec 21, 2019
Hello @Macadamia ,

I was just not sure about it, now as you say it, i will return the mazing mode back in, as it does not influence the gameplay as dramatically as the only hero wave mode or only battle mode. :)

Thank you for your criticism. I will definetly bring mating back, and keep in mind that i have to switch the airs soon.
As well as move the camera back to normal.

Greetings 334754u5463