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multiboard icons are stretched

Discussion in 'World Editor Help Zone' started by EdwardElric, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. EdwardElric


    Jun 19, 2010

    Im using a multiboard or to be more specific im using library "Board" version 0.2.01 from Earth-Fury.
    Im using custom icons for this board & i dont know what pixel dimensions they should have. i have read they should be 16 pixel, so i created all of my custom icons in size 16x16 pixel. now when i take a screenshot from the board from in game & view it, most of my icons have different dimensions & although the icons TGA pixel width & pixel height are identical (16x16) the screenshot shows dimensions like 27x19 or 27x20 or 26x19...
    What do I have to do, to let the board showing icons with same dimensions they really have. it seems i can only set width of items to percental values, no absolute values, which means that users with different resolution settings have stretched icons too...
    but thats already the 2nd question. i mean even if i set the item width to something very low, right parts of icons in a row just get hidden by left parts of following icons in that row. i dont know how to influence the stretch level. all of my icons keep being stretched.

    my warcraft 3 - the frozen throne resolution setting is 1.920 x 1.080 pixel. perhaps thats the reason? sadly i cannot trial-and-error, because im using latest sharpcraft for my map & im not able to change resolution. it seems to be hardset to 1.920 x 1.080...

    created a test map with normal wc3 & confirmed this: multiboard icons are stretched depending on the current resolution of wc3. :-/
    a screen resolution ratio of 4:3 (like 800x600, 1024x768, ...) displays the multiboard icons without a stretch!
    my current default resolution in wc3 is 1.920 x 1.080, so FullHD, so a ratio of 16:9.
    comparing 4:3 & 16:9: 4:3 = 1,333...; 16:9 = 1,777...; => 16:9 = (4:3)^2.
    comparing mentioned stretches with 16:9: 27/19 = 1,42; 27/20 = 1,35; 26/19 = 1,36 => all arround 1,33 (4:3) too much...
    seems like you really need to get the screen resolution to be able to show reasonable icons... thats annoying.
    if someone has another idea please reply.

    oh well, i was quite confused, hehe.
    as wc3 stretches everything else (but text if i remember correctly) too in fullhd, the icon stretch is alright.
    omg, why didnt i notice this :eekani:
    well, i have an excuse *smiley which wipes his nose* (have a cold)

    i couldnt contain myself.
    here tests for all currently available 19 resolutions (in 32 bit):
    16x16 pixel TGA icon:
    wc3 resolution          icon size from wc3 screenshot in fullscreen (row1,row2,row3)
    640x480 (= 4:3 = 1,333)      9x 9,  8x 9,  9x 8
    720x480 (= 3:2 = 1,500)     10x 9, 10x 9, 10x 8
    720x576 (= 5:4 = 1,250)     10x10, 10x11, 10x10
    800x600 (= 4:3 = 1,333)     11x11, 11x11, 11x11
    1024x768 (= 4:3 = 1,333)    14x14, 14x14, 14x14
    1152x864 (= 4:3 = 1,333)    15x16, 15x16, 15x16
    1176x664 (= 147:83 = 1,771) 16x12, 16x13, 16x12
    1280x720 (= 16:9 = 1,777)   18x14, 17x13, 18x13
    1280x800 (= 16:10 = 1,600)  18x16, 17x14, 18x15
    1280x960 (= 4:3 = 1,333)    18x17, 17x18, 18x17
    1280x1024 (= 5:4 = 1,250)   18x19, 17x19, 18x18
    1366x768 (= 683:384 = 1,778)    19x14, 18x14, 19x14
    1400x1050 (= 4:3 = 1,333)   19x19, 19x19, 19x19
    1440x900 (= 16:10 = 1,600)  20x16, 20x16, 20x16
    1600x900 (= 16:9 = 1,777)   22x16, 22x16, 22x16
    1600x1024 (= 25:16 = 1,562) 22x19, 22x19, 22x18
    1680x1050 (= 16:10 = 1,600) 23x19, 23x19, 23x19
    1768x992 (= 221:124 = 1,782)    24x19, 24x18, 24x18
    1920x1080 (= 16:9 = 1,777)  27x20, 26x19, 27x20
    no matter what resolution, the 16x16 pixel icon is never shown 1:1...
    any explanation?
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2015
  2. PurgeandFire


    Code Moderator

    Nov 11, 2006
    Nice info. I was annoyed by the same thing--but yeah for 16:9 everything gets stretched. ;p But I thought text also changed with resolution? Last time I measured it, text lengths (pixel-wise) changed as you go to higher resolutions--at least for multiboard and game display texts.
  3. EdwardElric


    Jun 19, 2010
    You could be right about text stretching, it was just a memory, i think i read it anywhere in relation to common.j TextTag & library "TextSplat" version 1.3.2 from Deaod.

    but back to main question:
    Is it better to stay with 16x16 pixel TGA icons or using 32x32 pixel TGA icons or even 64x64?
    As most of todays users probably have a fullhd monitor, the icons get stretched to arround 27x19 pixel in game.
    So is it better to use bigger sized TGAs (example: 32x32 pixel) which are shrinked in game, or default sized TGAs (16x16 pixel i guess) which are growed in game?
    I think that reducing pixel (shrink) is better than interpolating given pixel to a bigger size (grow), because with the 2nd methode they get blurry. But on the other side, the 1st methode probably gives results out of proportions.
    Ah, that is horrible...

    first i will finish my initiated tests from post #1 for all resolutions...
    whew, 19 resolutions...
    that would need 19 variations per icon if i would find a way to receive current user resolution...
    i better stay with 16x16 pixel TGA icons.
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2015