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[MORPG;Hack n Slash; DnD Style] RECRUITING!

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Level 7
Dec 3, 2006
Map Specs
Current Project Name: Borthers Grimm
Projected Finished Map size: 128 by 128 (Some areas will be black'd out for the inventory/skill tree, and 2-3 areas will be 64 by 64 terrain areas that have random terrain generated.)
Number of Players: 10 players (This might change; but I think i'd rather have as many players in the game as possible)
Max Level: 60+ (This might change)
Background Story: You are a traveler that is unknown by many except for legend. You belong to a group called the Brothers Grimm; a guild that never fears from a challenge even from urban legends and the supernatural. You embark upon a quest to find and defeat many enemies estrange. Among them you may find some things that are supernatural don't always match the theology on them. Your job is to find a way to defeat these unknown or befriend some while building a name for yourself and choosing a side to fight on.
Possible Quests:

A dragon that hunts other dragons.
A lockness monster that eats more than fish.
An group of hectics that sacrifice themselves for monsters from inside another dimension.
A witch that feasts on the souls of the living stealing the souls of youth.
A scientist that studies the dead to resurrect his wife.
A forest that seems to be alive which has a mind of its own.
A globe that tells your fate.
A ghost that haunts even the dead.
A man that is cursed to live forever.
A spider that eats its young.
A vampire that cannot control his ghouls.
A train that never stops for it's passengers.

Game Elements

  • General Gameplay: Fight in an ever changing field of terrain with abilities that develop as much as the character develops. Nearly endless game-play that will also offer PVP and Raids.
  • Terrain: Terrain will be scroll'd as you finish some waves of enemies as you direct a caravan which way to travel. Towns and dungeons will be randomly generated.(Might even improve to layered terrain with multiple levels soon.)
    Atmosphere: There will be custom lighting, fog, and weather effects that will add realism to the project.
    Realistic Day N Night: Day and night that has sun/moon cycles with clouds etc.
    Models: There are many models being created and work'd on for this project already (Most are small in size but offer great benefits to the project). Models are imported as they are finished and as they are used trigger wise.
    Realistic Raids System:You will be able to raid generated castles with destructible walls that are mainly only target-able by certain siege weaponry. There will be several ways to over come the walls; but it will not be an easy battle since castles are well fortified.
    Semi-Random Pre-terrained dungeons: There will be dungeons that are pre-terrained via triggers.

  • Full-Screen Inventory: This game features a full screen inventory that will have unique features. Including item sets, an arrow quiver system/throwing weapon system, selling (that gives money based on number of arrows/quivers for the item price),resists, and multiple stats.
    Trade System: An trade system where players can put items in a trade window to trade with another player.
    Merchant System: Merchants will stock up on items as they travel to towns.
    Auction System: An auction system where players can sell items to other players for money. More about this will be revealed later.

  • Enemies: Most enemies will feature some sort of special way of attacking that will be unique and counter-able playstyle.
    Scaling Difficulty: Difficulty of enemy units will be based upon number of players playing and the difficulty mode selected.
    Hack n Slash: Enemies will most likely be constructed so that they can be hack'd n slash'd removing body parts or being slit in half etc. More details about how this will function will be relayed to the team.

  • Talent Trees: (Probably the most complex part of the map aside from the inventory)
    The talent trees will evolve based on spells chosen and the class type you train under as, which are choose-able in-game at certain level markers. Sub-classes will be added later on most likely.
  • Save/Load: The map will save full-screen inventories, talents, spells, and resists and the whole shi-bang for regular bnet play. This will all load with you typing your code in the new game. Your code will most likely be saved to your computer in a .txt file for easier/quicker save/load.
  • [PVP] Player vs. Player:There will be some form of PVP where you can opt to fight in teams,ffa, or 2 player duels. This might also be connected with the realistic raids system (will be decided later on).


You also may apply to fit multiple positions.

All positions require:

  • Skype
  • JNGP installed
  • At least be able to meet once every 2-3 weeks;
    and could have extended break if needed;
    but if you disappear for like 2-3 weeks your interest with the project has left for the most part
Good amount of skill/knowledge required:

Difficulty: Medium-Hard
  • Experienced in vJASS(1 year + probably)
  • Be able to work together with me via skype to finish some systems that are mostly done
  • Should be able to use scripts to their advantage

Difficulty: Medium
  • This isn't the normal type of terraining; you'll be terraining using scripts
  • vJASS knowledge is required
  • Will coordinate with the group ideas to better the generated terrain
  • Possibly be able to improve the terraining scripts
Medium skill/knowledge required:

Story Person(1-2)
Difficulty: Easy-Medium
  • Must be able to create quest type stories and plots
  • Has some say in how bosses function
  • Must be able to create story lore
  • Can give ideas for spells/classes/talents/items etc.

Graphical Artist(1)
Difficulty: Medium
  • Should be able to create promoting images(Loading Screen and logos)
Little skill/knowledge required:

Difficulty: Easy
  • Must be able to accept criticism
  • Must be able to work with filesize limits
  • Should be able to know how to add in-game skins to models
  • Modelers can work on stuff as slow as they want but should show some progress

Animater/Lighting Specialist(1)
Difficulty: Easy
  • Must be able to at least transfer animations from one model to another
  • Should understand how lighting models function and be able to add them to other models
  • I will teach people how to do this just hoping i can split work between them a bit
No application necessary:

Beta Testers(5* remaining)
Difficulty: Easy-Medium
  • Should have some mapping knowledge
  • should have suggested ideas to help improve the map
  • Should be willing to test for bugs
  • Should give advice if they see something that looks overpowered or underpowered
Current Beta Testers:

What you get from joining:

  • A project that will be fun to play/test.
  • A project that will be interesting to develop.
  • First-hand look and creation of an rpg that might break a lot of preconceptive ideas of how an rpg should function.
  • There will be deadlines; but no real punishments for not completing them.
    (Basically, to encourage progress and keep updates flowing)

When you apply you should answer a few questions:

Do you have skype; and whats your skype name?
Do you have JNGP?
What languages do you speak?

Which position are you applying for?
How long you been doing your thing?
How long you been mapping?
What times are you usually available?

Why should I pick you instead of other people(showing past work here is definitely recommended, but not required)?
Is there anything you'd like me to know?

Current Team:
  • Switch33(Corner-Pocket on wc3 USEast)-Project Manager, Ideaist, Scripter, some modeling
  • Maddeem-Some relayed work
  • Bloody_Turds-(teaching me how to model in some cases)
  • Risk.frishers- Terrainer

Screenshots:(More screenshots will be added)
ScreenShot 1: Shows the inventory(with the sell button), the arrow system, and attachments being shown as equip'd in the inventory. The empty window on the left will most likely be a shop or trade window and the empty window on the right will most likely be a stats display with resists where you can spend points as you level. The multiboard descriptions of items is most likely going to change a lot.
ScreenShot 2: Added the Stats UI. I will add buttons for spending stats soon and then eventually add some texttags for numbers.
ScreenShot 3: Improved the Stat UI. Added buttons and re-worked layout a lot.


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Level 16
Aug 7, 2009
Oh, cool project, Hack & Slash made by a cool vJASS scripter <3

I'm working on my project, so bad. I'd join this if I wouldn't have my own project.

I'm looking forward to seeing a development thread, and best of luck; if it'll be done, it'll have at least 1 player.
Level 7
Dec 3, 2006
Bump; Haven't added anyone to the team yet; or even to beta tester. Surprised there is such few interest in this project. I'll post more updates when I can with new screenshots, and more.
Level 7
Dec 3, 2006
The tool i'm using doesn't exactly have an text wrap feature; but i get what you mean and am making some changes. It's almost completely fixed. I'll post up a fixed screenshot of it soon.

Edit: Uploaded it; Does it look better? Comments/Criticisms?

Edit2: Recently been workin on the inventory system. I think i'll have an up and running merchant type window soon; and possibly more new features for the inventory like sockets, charms,a trade window, or magic suffix/prefixes. Also working on concepts on how the skill trees should function to add more to the game.

Edit3: Got charms running; and working on getting an merchant set up next and maybe more.


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Level 7
Dec 3, 2006
Re-scripting and optimizing lots of things(and even getting rid of some redundant code); Will change the display to an button that displays all the stats(via an multiboard) and will enlarge the stats area removing resists and a bunch of that other clutter that will be moved to the multiboard stats button display instead.(I'll post a screenshot of this when its done.)

Plus planning on adding new smaller stats in like faster hit recovery, faster cast rate, and some other things etc.

Still looking to recruit people; mostly just need another vJASS scripter. With another scripter this map could see an beta within a few weeks probably with nearly all the features implemented(even though the features just keep growing heh)!

Edit: Gonna write up a list of features and everything that will help me better pinpoint what i have finished and am working on soon. Added a bit of story; and decided on a name for at now at least.

Edit2: Got the merchant working a bit; (it creates empty slots already and has some detections(that are prevented) for moving items etc);i will see if i can get as much features as i can working with it soon enough. Gotta work on a buy button and maybe some other things like an texttag that displays item sale price etc. Also gotta re-work the sell button to direct the items sold back to the shop. etc etc I'll post an update on this soon as I consider it working more. And I am considering switching to using only images instead of destructables and re-coding lots of the inventory to require less object data for making large amounts of items.
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Level 31
Jul 10, 2007
I can help you with the save/load. I'm an expert with save/load and this could be a fun map to play (meaning that I'd want it to have the best save/load possible for shorter codes ^^).

I don't have skype and won't get it, but don't really need it if I'm just implementing the save/load into your map.

We'll be using this resource (custom coded save/load for the inventory stuff and whatever else needs custom ofc)

I'm thinking that this'll be mutually beneficial. I can show your map on the save/load with snippets thread as a map that uses that style and you can get professional save/load =P.

No, I don't really want to help with anything else. Not that interested in putting in more work than I need to put in. I will also not maintain the save/load. If you want to move to another version, that's all you. I will put comments everywhere showing how you would move to the next version of a code and will set it up so that it is very easy to do so.

If you want new features in the code, that'll be all you again. I'm just interested in getting it into the map =). You seem to know your stuff with vjass, so that shouldn't be too difficult. If you really need help with it, then I suppose I could help out. I have been pretty busy lately, so I am really looking to just get this into the map with all of the version 1 code features =).

I will need information on what you want saved-

A complete list of items that includes the level and classes required to equip
All information you're interested in saving (inventory, including all of the slots and how to access those slots), how many items for backpack (saw backpack area underneath inventory), any possible accessories like mounts or pets, access to the hero, etc. For heroes and accessories and what not, I will ofc need a complete list (all heroes in map, etc).

If you have abilities in the map, I'll need a list of those abilities for each hero (don't need level maxes if they are learnable). If you are adding the abilities to hero via UnitAddAbility and what not (meaning that they aren't learnable), I'll need a complete list of levels for each ability (level of ability and level required of hero to learn ability).

Yea, a lot of work goes into good save/load =P.

What the code will feature-
The best encryption algorithm there is for wc3
A standard knuth checksum
Out of bounds detection
Every compression technique I know of that can be applied to wc3

I'll require this if you are using default wc3 levels as well :\

The reason being that there is no way for me to retrieve the xp accurately w/o it or something similar. It has good xp algorithms and so on in it and these algorithms can ofc be modified. The bounty portion can be modified to work with custom bounty. If you need my help to do that, I can do any needed modifications for you =).
Level 7
Dec 3, 2006
Alright, sounds good. I'll give you a pm when I'm at the position where I got everything running so that I can make a list of what will be saved.

Note: I'm going to be using a registry file so things can get saved as long as local files are enabled(which will get enabled with a quickly downloaded file on a person's computer and will auto-load the codes) so it would be fine if the code is split into several codes to be saved.
Level 7
Dec 3, 2006
Switch33, keep in mind that some users can't run online wc3 games with local files enabled.
Never heard of this. I can't imagine why.

Also, wc3 writes to the registry on start up, so I don't believe local files work anymore.
They still work, I've tested it. I mean it works on my computer at least. So i imagine it should also work for others. I'll have a friend test it with me as soon as possible.

Edit: From what i looked up and searched the only reason that it might not work is if they incorrectly installed wc3 so their registry is not right. And i think the program that i have creates that registry automatically as well.
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Level 31
Jul 10, 2007
Eh, well none of my machines can do it and I def know what I'm doing ;p. I can't join games or host them when the local files is enabled.

Furthermore, by requiring that local files be enabled, you lower your audience. My suggestion is to have two styles of save/load in the map, one for local files and one without. If you 100% require the local files, i'm out of the project. Your audience will end up being absolutely tiny, and with such a tiny audience, it becomes a waste of my time ;p.
Level 7
Dec 3, 2006
Yeah, i'll most likely have two styles of save/load. I'll have to figure a better method if that registry/local data thing doesn't work. I could always ask around to see if i can get a program like TBR's saver type thing that auto-types the codes.

It is kinda a bit early for me to be worrying bout save/load though to be honest(Still working on some major revisions of systems.)
Level 7
Dec 3, 2006

Been experimenting with transport type skills for quite a while. Got a working concept that will be very useful for spell slots most likely. I'll see in a bit just needs some final testing. Expect 9 extra buttons with a 10th close-able button extra that will not interfere with other unit orders like move; patrol; etc. ! (It will also probably not even take up a single button from the regular UI of units.)

The plan? I'll add 9 extra slots to the bottom of the inventory for hotkeys for potions or scrolls. I'll also add those same 9 extra slots to the bottom of the skill tree for spell slots.

I might include a dungeon master type mode where a player becomes a dungeon master capable of changing units(bosses and creeps)/destructables/items/terrain tiles in-game.
Why am i reconsidering this after thinking that I probably wouldn't do it before?
I've got a way of being able to select doodads and items in-game very effectively and an drawn out plan for the interface of it in my head that would be better than practically all the dungeon master type games i've seen so far.
Why is it still not confirmed?
Having a dungeon master means that saves could face some form of cheapness. I'll try to reason a work-around for this ever so common problem with dungeon masters. Also this has issues with changing around the story/bosses order but I will look into changing this.
If there is a dungeon master its no fun to just create stuff right?
Some people find it more fun then others. There will also be the availability of controlling bosses. The dungeon master type player will also get some form of reward for defeating a team of heroes.
But how can this be balanced then?
I'll limit the creation of units based on their level and other features.

This map will probably have a strong basis on elemental type damages therefore i'm working on a way of having units with variable armor types/weapon type displays in-game. This will probably mean that you can equip an Frost Armor(Armor that changes your armor type to Ice) and it will prevent more to cold type damage for example.
What will this mean for creeps/enemies?
This will probably mean that when fighting enemies there will be many types of enemies but also a single enemy/creep may have different types of elemental attack and defense types.

Triggered Pseudo Random Terraining:
So far i've got 3 methods of random terraining; forest, dungeon, n town. Forest will generate a scrolling large type map that you can only see one part at any time that will be able to allow players to not only go forward but also to backtrack. Town type terrain will create enterable houses with doors and walls. I plan to add ceilings for the town terrain if i can get it working as well. Dungeon type terrain will create terrain with doors at specific spots that will be like an maze and might eventually support multiple layers if I can get it working.
None of these cause terrain deformations but why?
Terrain deformations apparently have an issue that causes an permanent leak from what i've heard.
Will water be randomly created?
I'm looking into this and using the water plane model.
Does it lag when these terrains are created?
Not too much but i'm working on lowering that lag.
What about the atmosphere(sky, moon/sun, fog etc)?
The sky, moon, sun, etc will be dependent on the time of the day and the area you are currently in.
Will it fix camera bounds?
Yes it will fix camera bounds so your minimap fits to just that specific area. : D
Is there any way this can be better improved to support terrain with multiple levels?
Yes, i've got some pathing type destructables that could be created with angled and 3d type terrain but i need help on figuring out how to apply them in the right way through some scripts.

This is mostly done; I'm just going to compile a few camera systems together and form a newer and improved one. I just thought some people may want to know a bit about it.
Is the camera forced?
No but there are options to chose from.
What kind of choices will there be?
The camera can be in front; behind; at the point where the unit is; or regular wc3 camera but with an height fix.

Configurable Hot-keys:
I'm thinking of changing the map a tid bit to allow for configurable hot-keys for specific things and introducing another menu for this.
Why am i reconsidering this?
I am reconsidering this because of the new 9 extra spell/hot-key slots that makes abilities really not require hot-keys. I'll create several abilities that are based on hot-keys like qwer asdf and zxcv and this will allow me to assign some key for an ability or an menu if a player wants to. These will also not interfere with anything like move; patrol etc and will have triggered cooldowns based on what the key is set to.

Note: Within another week or so I'll start posting in the map development section a more consolidated version of the map features and everything since i've cluttered a lot of this with edit type updates. And I am still looking for people to help that have an interest in the project. I think i'll try the requests thread to request some sort of lore/story for the map , since as for now it's just a very generic type story that explains battles but nothing more.
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Level 7
Dec 3, 2006
Yeah for sure; triggered random terraining is from way back. Even think zelda and older games those had some form of random terrain. :D

A big part of my map is the plan to have this triggered terraining; but it will take some more work to make it optimized enough to be in what I'd say as a releasable state though. I have ideas to improve it a lot more than people think-- random terraining could be for like adding in height with ramp type destructables that are also created before the actual terrain is applied, detailed destructables created for the floor display, and maybe even traps/destructable objects that are generated.

I'm gonna post about this project in the Map Development area in a bit i've just been trying to get ideas down on how things should run and with what features. What slowed me down for a bit is a bunch of optimizations and re-coding large amounts. But I figure posting about in the Map Devolpment area will help write down and organize some of these ideas.
Level 7
Dec 3, 2006

It'd be helpful if you guys had skype so you guys can have some influence over the project besides just mostly beta game testing but isn't required. Let me know if you have a skype account.
Level 7
Dec 3, 2006
I'm working on it to get to the beta stage; but I cannot give an estimated time of beta release yet since there is still much to do. I am working on also trying to figure a way to expedite the beta release to at least get some combat in as well by making some compromises (like not having some parts of the terrain gen in place yet until it's further polished up).

You can see updates here: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/map-development-202/brothers-grimm-205375/
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