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Modeling Contest #20 - Results!

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Level 31
Feb 23, 2008




Contest Theme: Campaign screen

Contestants were to create a campaign screen. A detailed cinematic animated model scene representative of a campaign




Mr. Bob


Mesh: 11/15
The mesh is good-looking but you know you could've put more detail into a campaign screen model. There are some stuff that aren't very balanced, like that hill out of nothing, doesn't seem right, you'd need more hills around it or less drama on that one.

Animations: 7/10
Not that they are so needed, but some prop walking around, or some birds in the background would give it more life. The whole model has basically no animations, and since the atmosphere moves due to the particles, it would fit to put something that actually moved.

Skin: 6/10
The wrap is well made, the color scheme is fairly consistent, but it has many many many resolution conflicts. Some stuff just don't fit together, like the high-res saturated rocks and the low-res dessaturated ground.

Atmosphere: 9/10
Very nice feeling of "...tank's broken, it's snowing, there's a hill right ahead, we'll put up the camp for now..." - all the elements and effects collaborate to give that feel of inercy but still wandership. I like the atmosphere.

Creativity: 4/5
It's creative as a whole, but the details don't seem to be much creative.

Overall rating: 37/50

Mesh: 12/15
Yeah, the mesh is ok.

Animations: 7/10
Animations are not really needed, but you could have put a glow plane scaling up and down very softly, would make it much better. Right now, you can't tell if it's a model or an image.

Skin: 6/10
The effects produced with the skin would be nice if it weren't for the texture compression. (I guess there are ways to disable the wc3 compression under the mesh properties, in 3dsmax5)

Atmosphere: 5/10
The scene suggests a 'silent danger' and that is nice, but the fact that it is COMPLETELY static isn't nice at all. There should be at least the glowing plane I mentioned to catch the observer's attention and amuse him somehow.

Creativity: 3/5
It's a simple concept, but still cool.

Overall rating: 34/50

Mesh: 15/15
A masterpiece in all terms.

Animations: 10/10
The way that sicko shakes is way too awesome.

Skin: 20/10

Atmosphere: 30/10
Amazing. M'a donné des frissons.

Creativity: 5/5

Overall rating: 80/50

Mesh: 4/15
Although the objects are total crap, the composition of the scene isn't that bad.

Animations: 6/10
At least you have some.

Skin: 1/10
This is no good.

Atmosphere: 3/10
The atmosphere it gives is empty...

Creativity: 1/5

Overall rating: 15/50

Anarchianbedlam: Winter Tank

Mesh - It's a shame the tents and rocks scattered around are copied from standard in-game models, but the steam tank is well-modeled and serves as a great focal point.

Animations - Texture animations in the sky bring movement to an otherwise static scene, but it's a shame no actual animations are present on the mesh.

Skin - Tidy and effective use of blizzard skins, though some geoset coloring could have been used to mimic true lighting.

Atmosphere - Nice and chilly, and a lot to look at.

Creativity - Interesting, well executed concept.

Overall = 40/50


Shamanyouranus: Minecrap

Mesh - The wireframe gave me nightmares, but it's necessary in order to get that blocky minecraft look, so I suppose the ends justify the means.

Animations - Nothing to write home about, but even the small movements made by the miner help him get noticed in the scene.

Skin - I actually thought these were ripped minecraft textures at first glance, so by that principle they look good. It would have been nice to see the texture in slightly higher resolution; it would have made achieving that sharply pixelated look much easier.

Atmosphere - I realize you probably put the leaf and cloud particles in with good intentions, but I feel like they take away from the minecraft look, other than that, not too shabby.

Creativity - Not 'your' concept per se, but you've done a good job using wc3's engine to recreate it.

Overall = 35/50


Mr. Bob: Bullets

Mesh - It's a good start, but it doesn't take a genius to see that this scene is very bland. I would have liked to have seen a more cluttered scene with other objects littered about.

Animations - None applicable.

Skin - The baked-on lighting and reflections are really cool, and I'll bet youll start to see more modelers with high-end modeling programs start to use this feature in wc3 now that they've seen what it can do.

Atmosphere - I can see the beginnings of a broody atmosphere, but sadly it's underdeveloped.

Creativity - As I said before, its a neat start and a cool proof of concept, but overall the model comes up lacking. I REALLY would have liked to have seen more from ya. IT HURTS ME TO JUDGE YOU SO HARSHLY BOB, IT HURTS ME HERE! *Pats Chest*

Overall = 22/50

((HappyCockroach's Judging + Red Shift's judging) * 0.6) + ((Votes / Total votes) * 40) = Total

anarchianbedlam: ((37 + 40) * 0.6) + ((32 / 53) * 40) = 70.3509
shamanyouranus: ((15 + 35) * 0.6) + ((8 / 53) * 40) = 36.0377
Mr. Bob: ((34 + 22) * 0.6) + ((13 / 53) * 40) = 43.4113


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